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We’re the parents of millennials and no they don’t live at home with us

A regular “letter to the editor” writer routinely mentions millennials in his weekly missives — this week being no exception. He asserts millennials live at home with their parents — as if it’s a universal reality because they have no other option. In the past it has been a more all-encompassing statement, but his week he tempered it a little. Maybe that’s his personal experience, but it’s certainly not the reality for the staff at Feather Publishing who have millennial children. Nor is it the reality of the new generation of Plumas County residents who are emerging in leadership roles, nor their counterparts across this country.

But even if millennials do live with their parents, is there anything inherently wrong with that? One could argue that society functioned better when generations of the same family lived under one roof, or at least in one family enclave. Raising children, tending to the land, caring for the home, all became easier with a multitude of hands.

It’s not just the millennials; we have letter writers who tend to lump groups of people together. And that’s not unique to our writers, it’s a reflection of the national climate where lines have been drawn between political parties or other categories of people and there is little room for compromise or the importance of the greater good. It’s become more about us against them; more about winning. It seems like it’s become more about building walls literally and figuratively, than it is about building bridges.

Those walls seem to come down whenever a natural disaster strikes. Nobody’s checking voter registration or identification cards when they are pouring water on a neighbor’s burning roof, or helping evacuate residents of a flooded home. That’s when Americans are at their best; when we pull together. Every year it seems there are such opportunities locally — whether it be flooding, road closures, power outages, fires or other causes — Plumas County residents pull together. And we hate to see that spirit disparaged on our opinion pages.

It’s okay to have different views, and we think it’s important that we provide a space for those views to be shared, but let’s do so thoughtfully. It’s not helpful to stereotype entire groups of people, and it’s a good way to ensure that people will skip right over a letter without even reading it. So whether we are writing about Republicans, Democrats, men, women, millennials or any other group, remember we are created equally, but we are all individuals.

8 thoughts on “We’re the parents of millennials and no they don’t live at home with us

  • As a Millennial homeowner I would like to know what ‘voter registration’ and ‘pouring water on a neighbor’s burning roof’ have to do with each other. Bring in the Red Herring folks.

  • It means politics go out the window when folks need to help each other through natural disaster. Vietnam veterans I know tell me that no one cared about politics during combat either. It was about saving each other for another day, period.

  • You didn’t answer the premise of the question. Instead, two more flawed logical fallacies were presented.

    • I thought that he answered it perfectly clearly. I am not sure if this is intentional on your part or not, but the ‘tone’ of your comments comes across as ‘snarky’ ( albeit quite literate) .

      • Not trying to be snarky at all, but definitely expressing a serious tone. Arguments need to be rational and not entirely based in emotion. Tugging ‘at the heart strings’ will elicit response but not necessarily a reasonable nor well thought out argument. With that framing of the point my question was clearly not answered. Thanks for the observation however, it’s the only thing in this thread that has made sense. Merry Christmas!

  • Single out people on letters to the editor now? What happened? Trent Saxton hit a nerve on your liberal mentality? I see alot of bashing going on from your liberal contributors and I dont see you mention them. You will not, in spite of all your efforts, turn this County into the California libtard mentality that our State leaders are desperately trying (and failing) to do. Republicans are smart, and moral, and taking back California. Nice try tho Plumas News! LMAO! You may be able to single out single people and bully them into submission but you will not be able to stop the Patriots who voted for the Man who is ruining your disgusting democratic party! You guys are eating your own! God Bless America and President Trump. Your gig is up!

  • Let me remind you….Plumas County voted RED. All you libs in your letters to the editor can whine and bitch cause you lost but it does nothing but provide entertainment to the majority of voters here. Maybe politics should be left to letters to the editor and the editor should not push your bias onto the people. Your liberal is really showing.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things.

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