PAWS celebrates 20 years

Volunteer organization to be commended for its efforts and success on behalf of cats

Seven days a week, one or more volunteers are at PAWS taking care of their dependent charges. The Plumas Animal Welfare Society is dedicated to cats — ensuring that they are spayed and neutered, as well as searching for their forever homes. There is no paid staff, just individuals who donate a day or several days a week to caring for the animals.

At first it was out of their homes, but since 2001 it has been out of the “Cathouse” in East Quincy. When one enters the structure, its purpose is immediately apparent. There are cats lounging in various beds and perches, others roaming around, curious to see who has entered the front door.

The volunteers are there to clean the facility and feed and socialize with the cats. PAWS finds homes for about 200 cats annually. We thank these dedicated individuals who do this important work with no compensation except for the knowledge that they are providing an important service to the community and its cats.

Insurance moratorium is a good first step in solving crisis

Even though Plumas County residents won’t benefit immediately from the state insurance commissioner’s decision to issue a mandatory one-year moratorium on insurance companies non-renewing some policyholders, it could bode well for the future.


The moratorium, issued Dec. 5, will help at least 800,000 homes in wildfire disaster areas in Northern and Southern California associated with a number of large fires. And Lara asked insurance companies to voluntarily cease all non-renewals related to wildfire risk statewide until Dec. 5, 2020. But will insurance companies comply?

Local insurance agents contacted were reluctant to discuss the moratorium until they received more direction from their parent companies.

Maybe insurance companies will adhere to the commissioner’s request and suspend all non-renewals for the next year. There’s also the possibility that the companies will decide that they need to offset impacts from the mandated moratorium, and issue non-renewals elsewhere. How this plays out is still a mystery, but it is of vital importance to local residents, that they are able to insure their homes.