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Some of the headlines we would like to write in 2019

Each week the headlines in this newspaper reflect the content of the stories that have been reported, but once a year, we like to mix it up a little. This week the reporters are invited to write the headlines that they wish they could pen or think it would be fun to write in 2019. Hope you enjoy it; no doubt you all have some that you would like to add. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year for all of our readers.

Record year in California: No wildfires reported

Rural hospitals exempt from state seismic requirements

Democrats and Republicans sing “Kumbaya” and hug across the aisle

No closures on Highway 70 through the Feather River Canyon

City of Portola becomes completely Firewise

Sets standard for rural California in fire prevention

Streets of Portola smooth as glass after FEMA funds fill holes in budget

Too many volunteers! All volunteer fire departments fully staffed; more on waiting list

Economy booming in Eastern Plumas after Johnsville ski hill becomes the next big winter tourism destination

Dolphins added to Lake Almanor to attract tourists

Mt. Lassen Peak rumbles to life

Eruption results in new spring water sources

Chester builds monorail to speed shoppers across town

Water woes wash away as picture-perfect Plumas snowfall blankets county

Farkle — a July Fourth-inspired Sparkle amazes summer crowds

Gate-busting $10 tickets for locals send High Sierra Music Festival attendance soaring

New headgear material prevents injury for concussion prone sports

All of Plumas chosen for federally funded forest maintenance test site

Passenger rail service replaces cargo runs from San Francisco to Reno

Twister becomes an Olympic sport

Newspaper subscriptions triple in the wake of internet security breaches

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