Sheriff candidate Cline responds to letter by prior Sheriff Bergstrand

I am writing in response to your letter to the editor dated April 22nd regarding the question you asked at the Quincy League of Women Voters forum. I appreciate your desire to clarify your intent with the question you asked, but I notice that in your letter to the editor, you still imply, or at least reiterate, that I may be a resident of Nevada or may encounter difficulties commuting between Reno and Plumas County, so allow me to set the record straight. I currently reside in Portola, CA in the residence that my wife and I built in 1992 (which I know you’re aware of) and I have met all of the qualifications required to run for the office of the Sheriff as it pertains to residency, voter registration, and any DMV requirements. This can be verified by the election office, where all of these records are on file, and I have no intention of returning to Reno as a resident at any point in time. Plumas County has always been my home regardless and offers the quality of life and lifestyle that I prefer. My short term residency in Reno was a temporary situation so that my special needs son could attend a school specifically for children on the autism spectrum. There is no sacrifice for my children that I am unwilling to make, and there never will be.

Dwight Cline
Candidate for Plumas County Sheriff
Portola, CA