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Spring fever is setting in

Spring is coming soon, I repeat to myself every time a rogue storm dumps more snow on us out in Chilcoot. I’ve told myself this all through winter, with every power outage, loss of communications and flooded commute. Spring is coming soon!

Well, now we are over halfway through the month of March and boy, is it marching forward. I think I may have finally just reset my internal alarm clock after we did our “jump forward” for daylight savings time March 12, and now I am looking forward to welcoming another spring solstice on Monday, March 20.

My husband, myself and our five (yes, five) rescue dogs had to make a quick trip down to the central valley this week, and as we left the mountains of snow behind us on Donner Pass, I noticed that spring was already in the air. Daffodils exploded on the roadsides, blossoms waved from the fruit trees, and vineyards stretching for miles were adorned with green, curly sprigs.

When we hit Auburn, there wasn’t a pair of snow boots or a single heavy jacket to be seen. Birds were singing, people were smacking the sidewalk in shorts and sandals, and the sun seemed like it was grateful to take off the shroud of clouds and smile down.

By the time the day was over, and we were heading back over the pass to come home, I thought about all of the excitement to come with the changing of seasons.

Our county has been exploding with outdoor recreational activities in the last year, and it opens up so much to do in the great outdoors. Living in a largely agricultural part of Plumas County, my daily commute across the Sierra Valley also provides impetus to get the greenhouse going again for another season, as I attempt to play in the dirt and see what comes of it. Hopefully this year will be a little kinder to my seedlings, as I do my best to contribute to my vision of a family “victory garden.”

The Beckwourth Rim Trail is ever expanding for day hiking near Portola, my husband will be teaching me how to play disc golf at the newly acquired (and yet to be set up) disc golf course by the Riverwalk, and I’ve got horses to groom and ride in Cromberg.

As spring turns to summer, there will be live music in the Portola City Park, as well as in Graeagle near the Mill Pond.  The only state park in our county, Plumas-Eureka State Park, will be opening back up to the public with all of the natural beauty they have to offer, and I look forward to the next round of young faces that visit the park to learn about local history and learn how to pan for a little gold.

Camping is another big piece of my heart and the opportunities in Plumas County are endless. The Crocker Guard station near Lake Davis is now available to rent and I’m thinking that it would make a great place to vacation with dogs and family.

These are just a few of the “only in Plumas County” activities that I’m looking forward to sharing with friends and family this year, and I know that Plumas County is ever-evolving and growing, which leaves very little room for me to ever think, “I’m bored.”

We might have a few more snowstorms coming our way, at last check, but I can enjoy them knowing that I won’t have to shovel snow and scrape ice much longer this year, because hey, guess what? It’s spring.

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