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Take a break and recharge

A little time away is good for everyone

When we’re in school, breaks are mandatory — the dates are on the calendars for all of us to plan for and expect. After graduation though, breaks may be more difficult to enjoy.

While the thought of taking a break can be overwhelming — all that must be accomplished before one can step away from their work — it is good for one’s mental health at home and on the job.

According to a study from the U.S. Travel Association mentioned in a 2014 Forbes article, more than 40 percent of American workers did not take all of their allotted time off the year prior. The average worker left 3.2 paid time-off days unused. While some workers may balk at those who leave paid vacation unused, the act is very common.

Taking personal days may make one think they are not working hard enough or they think they’ll come across less dedicated to their jobs. But, according to the Forbes article, it increases employees’ production and loyalty to the employer. There are some who do not receive paid time off from their jobs, but indulging in a little self-love is important in all cases.

Breaks do not have to be weeklong trips, nor do they have to be to extravagant destinations. Breaks should be relaxing and should offer the worker or the whole family a chance to unwind and regroup.

As the weather continues to turn warmer, take advantage of little breaks through local destinations. There are ample vantage points in Plumas County from which to watch spring unfold, or take a weekend trip to a nearby locale.

Or even head to a coffee shop with a book and relax. If your ideal break is time alone, plan a great stay-at-home itinerary and indulge yourself in whatever you want to do, such as binging on a favorite television show or enjoying a movie marathon. While not all people have the opportunity to take days off from work, all should be encouraged to take a little time for themselves and disconnect from work in order to rejuvenate, relax and recharge, whether it’s on the weekend or when they get home.

It’s called spring break for a reason! And if you can’t manage some days away now, summer vacation time is just around the corner.

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