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Thank you Chester Elementary School

To all of the teachers who helped guide me these two years. I was told before getting into teaching that the first year is the hardest, because you’re all alone. No one is there to help you. That wasn’t true, not for CES. It seemed as though everyone was offering to help me get the hang of things.

To all of the classified staff. You all helped me when I needed an extra hand no matter the situation. I always felt like I had support from all of you.

To all the administration for bringing me onto the team. I remember when I was substitute teaching at a school in Colusa County, I emailed Superintendent Terry Oestreich to ask how to get started substitute teaching in Plumas County. Four years later, here we are.

To all the parents for allowing me to mentor your children for the time I was here. I always did my best, and always tried to ensure that my students were not only learning what they needed, but growing as people to be kind, caring, contributors to society as they grew. To be respectful to others and treat them how they would like to be treated. Your trust in me to accomplish these things is truly humbling.

Finally, thank you to all of the students I have been fortunate enough to work with here at CES. Whether you were in my class or you were not, I still cared for you as a student of the school and treated you as such. You were all extremely special parts of my life here and you all made it easy to come to school and do my job. I am confident that all of you will continue to grow and thrive, even though I may not be here to see it with my own eyes. I am going to miss you all the most. I will see you again, I promise.


Mr. Blair C. Beilby

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