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The antidote for hate

I am witnessing hate being openly displayed in the country I love.  Hate seems to be everywhere, and hate seems to be in people’s hearts. This is deep hate, so deep discussion cannot eradicate it.  Hate is on both sides of politics, on both sides of the demonstrations, and hate is in the discussions about everything between people with disparate views. Hate has seeped into people’s hearts, fed from the anger in their brains, and the anger comes from other haters, including the news we watch and the people we associate with.  Both sides are doing the same things — they are watching their news, they are watching what is comfortable for them, and their hearts, if not already corrupt, are becoming corrupted by hate.

Hate is nasty, prejudice is nasty, and fear, while it can be helpful, can also be bad in hateful, prejudiced people.  Fear becomes more anger that also seeps into their hearts, slowly yet steadily, until eventually their hearts are saturated.

The only remedy I have ever found for hate is a good application of love to salve our hearts and minds.

Reinforcing our commitment to love rather than allowing hate to seep into our hearts, will stop the hate that is tilting our country.  When we allow love to feed our hearts, the anger and the irritability from hate will be replaced, and peace will descend once more into our hearts and our nation.

If hate is simply covered by love it is easily eliminated, but once hate enters society unabated it takes on the characteristics of a virus.  It multiplies and spreads, and infects others.  The only antidote I know of that will stop hate is love.

Please try it?

Peter Skeels

Lake Almanor, CA

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