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The election

Jared Kushner may think there’s a chance the next presidential election could be postponed, but pretty much anyone familiar with election law thinks otherwise. The President doesn’t have the authority to do it alone, and the Democratic House seems unlikely to do it alone. The far greater danger is that when the election does take place. It’ll wind up being nasty, brutish and long. Now consider the 2000 Bush, Gore recount in Florida. With the possibility of similar litigation in many states, in our era of state-sponsored disinformation and conspiracy theories, during a pandemic, under a president who still insists that even an election he won was rigged against him. It’s a toss up if voting by mail favors one party over the other. It is easier for people to vote by mail, but longer to count the results than by voting by machine. I think I will vote anyway.

Duane Vander Veen


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