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The mine is not harmless

I beg to differ with the implications of the recent article in Plumas News about the proposed aggregate mine, asphalt plant and lime kiln that would be on 300 acres of land just north of Portola. This project is not as harmless or low impact as it might appear.

The mine would remove 34 MILLION cubic yards of sand and material over 50 YEARS and would inflict a hole in the earth that is up to 500 FEET DEEP. This would jeopardize numerous residential wells adjacent to the mine by depleting and disrupting significant groundwater. Toxic chemicals used to produce asphalt and lime present real human health risks via aquifer contamination. I seriously doubt that an asphalt plant and a lime kiln would be “temporary.”

Several hundred heavy truck trips daily to and from the site as well as mine machinery operations would produce noise and dust, having a significant negative impact on the quality of life for us in and around Portola.

Necessary security lighting would degrade the awesome night skies that we currently have here.

The proposed mine is in an already established State Game Preserve — springs in the area could be damaged or removed. Wildlife would be under more pressure to find water.

As the article correctly points out, there are already four aggregate sites operational in Eastern Plumas County — we do not need yet another much larger one.
I oppose this mine project.

Christopher Stanton MD


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