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They’re angry … They’re determined … They’re organized …

Our students are taking action now

Sit-ins, walkouts, lie-ins, anti-violence rallies — students are arming themselves, not with weapons, but with information and determination as they attack the political establishment.

Older generations have blown it. They have failed to enact legislation to help prevent school violence. They have failed to appropriate money for the kinds of resources needed to help prevent murders masquerading as school shootings on U.S. campuses.

Don’t trust anyone over 30 was one mantra from the 1960s where sit-ins, demonstrations and protest rallies blossomed. At least five decades have passed since young people resolved to change America. They protested Vietnam, advocated for environmental protection laws, supported lowering the voting age to 18, advocated for women’s rights and fought the draft.

Also reflective of the 1960s’ mass movements, young people united to change the world by ending social injustice, racism and police brutality.

Come suddenly to center stage are two outspoken high school students from Parkland, Florida, with demands of their own.

Suddenly in the spotlight are Emma Gonzalez, 18, and Cameron Kasky, 17, followed by others in Florida and a growing chorus of voices across the U.S. The original pair emerged from the Valentine’s Day shootings frightened, angry and motivated to take on a cause they see as lost to the political world. Sounding more like seasoned public speakers than high school students still coming to terms with the violence that killed 17 students and adults and injured others, Gonzalez and Kasky are taking on the establishment. And they’re organizing others across the nation to join the movement “Never Again!”

Twenty-one Quincy High School students accepted the consequences of detention as they marched to the courthouse steps to add their voices of support Feb. 21. “We need to raise our voices about the desensitization toward violence in our society. People are being shot every day and America doesn’t even notice anymore. That’s wrong!” said QHS junior Emma Thompson.

According to the Washington Post, analysis has found that more than 150,000 students attending at least 170 primary or secondary schools have experienced a shooting on campus since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. And while politicians bicker and special interest groups throw money to ensure particular outcomes, students are taking matters into their own hands. They’re advocating immediate change. Not tomorrow, not in a year or five, but immediately.

It’s refreshing, it’s stirring, it’s right to see and hear these young people advocating for something as important as safe schools.

Students don’t need to hear about thoughts and prayers from the President and politicians, Gonzalez told a crowd two days after the campus shooting at her high school, “… it’s time for victims to be the change that we need to see.”

While one Pennsylvania politician claimed that Gonzalez and Kasky are allegedly actors not students, many others, including actor George Clooney and his wife Amal, donated $500,000 to support Parkland students’ trip to Washington, D.C. Oprah Winfrey matched that contribution, and Director Steven Spielberg and others are adding funds to support the movement.

Commentator Anderson Cooper’s 360 CNN program organized a town hall meeting where students, parents, teachers, the Broward County Sheriff and at least three of Florida’s political figures could voice their concerns and answer questions. “I was born into a world where I never got to experience safety and peace,” said one student. That’s simply heartbreaking.

Some dynamic changes took place resulting from the sit-ins and protests during the 1960s. Young people are once again taking to the streets, picking up the microphone and rallying to change what’s terribly wrong in this country.

16 thoughts on “They’re angry … They’re determined … They’re organized …

  • I highly commend all twenty one of those students who participated in this march for their resolve and determination! Along with those students in Parkland, they deserve to be heard and recognized.
    It is my understanding that some of those Parkland students have since then been threatened for their marching and speaking out, as well as some parents of the victims.
    Sure hope it doesn’t happen to any of these 21 for their speaking out!

    Well said about about being stirring and refreshing!

    • The more they talk, the less they persuade, and the lower the chance their gun control ideas will come to pass. Already the polls show the public isn’t budging. Having to listen to their cuss words is unlikely to move the needle. So here’s to hoping they continue to act like oafs and apes with their foul language and ill-bred manners, showing us all about their malformed, television-watching, boorish personas. All we can tell from it is that they aren’t ready for prime time, persuasion into results, or civilized society in general.

      • Supported and funded by George Soros what did you expect?

        • Yep, I saw George at the Plumas County Courthouse hanging out the cash to the QHS students. Good lord

      • Sounds like you have been in the canyon for too long. How dare students show passion and use a cuss word or two when discussing their class mates’ brains getting blown out in front of them.

  • Dear Bill
    If you are inspired by a 17 year old chick with a buzz haircut dropping the F bomb I am at a total loss for words.

    Chances of being murdered in school are in the thousandths of a percent. I too feel this is to much but guns really aren’t the problem. Mentally ill and evil people are. Not long ago a woman drunk woman killed 3 here in the canyon. Shouldn’t we blame her Subaru?

    Here’s a idea. Why not protest what’s really killing our kids. Everyday over a 100 people are killed in vehicle accidents in the US.. In fact vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for our teens and adolescents. But I hear nothing but crickets. I guess it’s okay to be smug and write those deaths off as the cost of modern transportation?

    • Transportation deaths have continually gone down even as population increases. Teens who want vehicles must pass a test, pay a premium for insurance and can have their license taken away. Vehicles are regulated and we conitnually pass laws to improve safety. A group of mothers formed MADD when they were fed up with their children dying due to others actions. It’s not perfect but we take some action. And yes this 17 year old with a buzz cut speaks more eloquently then a 70 year old with a combover. Unfortunately they have first hand accounts of things I hope to never know. Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of god

  • The next lunatic is out there. He has all the guns he wants. He has all the magazines and ammunition. He has selected a target; likely one with a “gun free zone” sign where he knows his victims are defenseless. He continues to give off all the warning signs of a mentally disturbed person. People have noticed and are concerned. Law enforcement knows about him. It’s entirely possible laws we already have on the books say he shouldn’t have a gun.

    Now with that scenario in mind, ask yourself a question:

    Will passing another law change ANYTHING? Ladies and gentleman, murder is already illegal. Put aside the argument about our 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights. Is this a viable solution to the problem of school shootings in America? It…

  • isn’t

    • We didn’t have as many and as destructive mass shootings when we had an assault weapons ban. Having access to these relatively inexpensive military weapons has been the main factor in how deadly these shootings have become. Sure it could be anygun but chances are we won’t see 17 killed in parkland, 58 in Las Vegas, 27 in Newton , 49 in Orlando, 32 in Virginia, 26 at a church, 14 in columbine, 9 in Atlanta, 9 at a community college if we change the gun. Fine do more about the mentally ill and violent. No guns for them. We have people that are not allowed to fly on an airplane but they can own a gun. The nra is a terrorist organization.

  • Per FBI. statistics.. (You can look these up online) The assault weapons ban from 1994-2005 had ZERO effect on the rate of homicides committed with guns. Truth is that even today, you are five times more likely to be killed with a knife than a rifle of any type. Please do some research before posting your nonsense as fact.

    The NRA. is a terrorist organization? Get real. Name a single terrorist attack that the NRA. committed. I’ll make it even easier for you.. Name a single terrorist attack committed by a NRA. member. I’m waiting.

    • I think he/she above has it right. Sounds like another lefty meltdown to me. Before you know it they will be blaming all Republicans or Trump. Liberals changed the laws on mental health decades ago. Now the system is so broken a person who is a serious threat would at most, get a 72 hour hold and a new bottle of pills. And the liberal imposed HIPAA laws keep their records secret. Facts stubborn things!

      As a mod. independent voter I laugh at these leftist lies and if you are wondering, I can laugh at the right too. I’ll close by saying I’d much rather have my neighborhood full of 70 year old NRA. supporters (No matter how they comb their hair) than a neighborhood full of Illegal Aliens that the those on the left seem to cherish so…

    • Can’t even form a response before we have another mass shooting. Well played merica

  • Yes They’re all that & clueless

  • Yup. More empty symbolism by histrionic SJW snowflakes.

  • Fact is, Ronald Reagan closed mental health institutions and funding for treatment, not “liberals” who changed the laws. Furthermore, much of the violence has been linked to veterans with PTSD who don’t get the help they need coming home.

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