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Some thoughts on becoming an adult

If I could write a handbook on “adulting” for the millennial to read there is a slew of things I would put in there. There are unspoken rules that many people have figured out, but can’t understand until you’ve reached the age where it matters. I jotted down a few of those rules just to give the younger generation a head start on what they need to know.

Spring for a good vacuum and a good iron

Your house and your clothes should be a representation of you. There is enough distractions in the world, don’t let a cosmetic issue like wrinkly clothes be one of those things that takes the focus away from your character.

Be annoying

Never be afraid of being annoying in your efforts to fulfill your dreams. Other people can deal with annoyances and mostly not lose any sleep over it. It is you who will be losing sleep over the regret that you didn’t accomplish what you wanted because you were too afraid of bothering others for their help. Rejection by others is never as bad as self-rejection.

Don’t be greedy

On the other side of the coin, don’t suck the life out of those who want to help you. Don’t be greedy with people’s time, compassion and resources. Work very hard to make sure you are bringing something to them that is worthwhile. Sometimes it can just be a good attitude.

Take more pictures and print them out

Technology is always changing, that is why we are obsessed with it. It freaks me out that the most permanent album I have is on my Facebook account.

With social media, we are doing a better job of capturing memories when they happen, but we are literally letting them disappear in the cyber world. I predict that likes and views from friends you hardly talk to are not going to mean as much as laughter from your grandkids when they see that picture of you singing in your truck with your pals. Pay the money, develop the photos and seal the memories.

Don’t fill up on bread and save room for dessert.

I moonlight as a server and I have been able to observe this occurrence first hand.

If you are going to fill up on an unhealthy carb, do it over dessert. The bread portion of the meal is always the most awkward time for the diners because they are still situating themselves into the ambiance. The servers are bothering them about drinks and orders and totally killing the buzz, but by dessert, you are full, happy and less likely to be interrupted. The best conversations happen over dessert. Save room for that conversation.

Show up

Be known as the person who shows up. If someone invites you somewhere and you say you’ll go, you had better go. Short of breaking the law or putting yourself in danger, do everything you can to be the one people can count on to be there. If you aren’t reliable, you aren’t trustworthy, and if you aren’t worth people’s trust, then what are you worth?

The real truth is that no one has it figured out. You are talking about the same type of problems throughout your life. Work is still lame. Boys are still trouble. Kids are just a different kind of hobby that adults love to talk about. Nothing really changes, except how you handle and represent yourself. If you make sure self-improvement is a priority in your life then you’ve got the key to being a good adult.

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  • awesome and sagely advice!

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