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Trump is the reason why

We now know the reason The United States has been hit by two devastating hurricanes in 2017: It’s because Donald Trump was elected president and this is Mother Nature’s way of expressing outrage. So says Academy Award actress Jennifer Lawrence who seems to have a direct line to the big Mom. We also know that the First Lady Don’t wear the right shoes when touring a national disaster site with our President.

Never mind that past First Ladies didn’t tour disaster sites at all with their husbands. If we support President Trump in any way, or protest for free speech, we run the risk of being assaulted by groups who physically attack anyone that disagrees with their agenda.

The riot in Charlottesville, North Carolina, consisted of two opposing sides taking things too far with physical attacks. Not too many people today will argue that White Supremacist groups are despicable. No right thinking person wants to see that brand of hatred revived. However, when our President condemned both groups for the violence, there was an immediate condemnation from the liberal left.

Eyewitness accounts have both groups resorting to violence and when that happens there is no justification for either side. The President was only stating what happened. The group, Antifa (anti-fascist) has become more than a protest movement. When they attend these demonstrations to counter the protest that is going on, they do so armed.

They carry pepper spray, wear protective armor and advocate the use of violence against those who disagree with them. In Berkeley, a group of Trump supporters marched in a “Rally Against Hate.” They were set upon by a group of masked Antifa members who screamed things like “fascist go home.”

There was a similar type of group that was active in Germany in the 1930s. These guys were actually Fascists, were called Brown Shirts and beat people up in the name of their leader: some guy named Adolf. What we are seeing from groups like Antifa is the philosophy that their ideals are the right ones, so no others may exist.

The scary part of all this is that while the liberal democrat leaders are quick to condemn the white supremacist groups and anything that has to do with our President, they are strangely quiet about this Antifa group. I can only assume that they agree with the strong-arm tactics as long as it agrees with their own views.

The United States of America was founded on the freedom of speech, a free press and the right of assembly. Our founding fathers faced violent reaction from the minions of King George of England, which is one reason they made Freedom of Speech the founding cornerstone of our constitution.

9 thoughts on “Trump is the reason why

  • This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Comparing antifa to Nazis, but not the people actually carrying swastikas and chanting Nazi slogans in Charlottesville? You know, the ones that actually murdered a person in yet another act of right-wing terrorism? All started off by cherry-picking a quote from an actress, in support of someone whose most recent pre-Presidency claim to fame was a reality show, and who paraded around national disgraces Ted Nugent & Sarah Palin through the White House.

    And Trump took literally days to condemn Nazis, only after great pressure, meanwhile claiming there were “fine people on both sides.”

    This article is “old man shouts at cloud” territory.

    • Son, take off the blinders. All the author is stating is there are violent groups on both sides. Simply because one is left leaning and the other right does not give either a pass. Antifa, just like the KKK, is a group based on hatred and uses fear and violence to push their political agenda. True, Nazis and the KKK have been around much longer and have millions of deaths on their hands, but given the extreme pace that Antifa has been growing and the “pass” they have been given by democratic politicians, I believe they are currently a greater threat to our country.

      Either way, removing all hate groups would be ideal. God bless, and quit yelling at the clouds yourself. You have passed spring chicken status by quite a few years. 🙂

  • The facts of the article are true.
    Unfortunately, like the article stated, there are some that will ignore them on both sides. ANYONE that challenges freedom of speech using brutal tactics (whether you agree or not) is the same as a fascist. Its a constitutional right.

  • Takes a brave writer to write the truth about trump in this county. The current administration is an embarrassment in so many ways. Plus the platform has not done anything beside encouraging discrimination, taking an erroneous stand on a peaceful protest by players, and orchestrating a trip by Pense to show displeasure.

    • Like the last one wasnt and embarrassment?

  • I suppose one should have waved pretty flags at Hitler. Clearly, international relations and the history of maintaining freedom of speech has been overlooked in the commentary above.

    Everyone can get an editorial shot. It is no recognition of expertise in socio-polictal analysis. Who will be surprised to realize that those who seek to resist, in life and death terms, fascism, will arrive armed to address their heavily armed opponents? Please, grow up.

  • Like his Secretary of State said, “Trump is a f@cking moron.” Lets hope that he won’t start WWIIII, and his support of neo-nazis and neo-confederates is absolutely morally bankrupt. The Nazis murdered millions of people, and the confederates lost their war over keeping African Americans as slaves. With Trump as president, I have never been more embarrassed to live in this country. However, Plumass and Assen counties are Trump Territory. When folks around here talk about the “State of Jefferson,” they mean Jefferson Davis!!!

  • I stopped reading after the author claimed Charlottesville is in North Carolina.

  • Watching America spring back to life, day after day after day, I realize how lucky we are. I guess this is one of those things of “you had to be there to understand”. Meaning, you are obviously not looking around. If you were you probably would not be so negative. Try it. God Bless our President. He is a good Man and is working very hard for all of us…even you. 🙂

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