Vacation is over

Watch for kids as they head to school

Labor Day is the traditional close to summer, but for local students the vacation is over.

Plumas County youth will resume their studies this week. Feather River College, as well as Long Valley Charter School, reported to class Aug. 19. Plumas Unified School District students head back to class today, followed by Plumas Charter and Plumas Christian schools Aug. 26.

While the students are well aware that their summer vacations are over, we want to alert area residents because it’s time to be extra vigilant as our young people make their way to and from their campuses. It’s also a good time to review what to do when you see a school bus with its flashing lights parked on the side of the road. When do you stop? Read the adjacent column written by CHP Officer James Stowe to receive a quick refresher.

The beginning of the new school year also brings new residents to our county, particularly in the Quincy area, with Feather River College. Many of the student athletes participated in the annual Plumas-Sierra County Fair parade this past weekend where the crowds cheered the new arrivals. Make them feel welcome as you see them about town wearing their green and gold.

We hope all of the students throughout Plumas County experience a safe and fulfilling year.