Wearing a mask is a small thing to ask

I want to thank Plumas News for this service. Having an accurate news source for our county is so important during the Covid 19 pandemic. I also want to thank the Plumas County Sheriff and the District Attorney for supporting the law.

I have great faith in our Governor and our county health directors working in conjunction with the state’s effort to keep all citizens safe. But, when I see some citizen not following the State’s criteria with an “in your face” attitude” it is disturbing to say the least. When I see some of my fellow citizens in Plumas County doing so, including one of our own supervisors, it is exasperating. There are many older folks in our county who are at risk to Covid 19. Some like myself, with a recent kidney transplant, have a suppressed immune system. I take medicine twice a day to prevent rejection of the new new kidney. If I get Covid 19, I have no way of responding to the infection. In short, it will be my death sentence.

Wearing a mask in a social setting is a small thing to ask of all Plumas County citizens. This is important to protect the rest of us who are susceptible. “Freedom” also comes with responsibility! Where is the empathy and Christian duty to take care of the “least of us”? I am dismayed that some citizens are so selfish and self centered to not consider the needs of every citizen in Plumas County. I hope this changes once we reach Stage Two so we can all move forward safely and with confidence. If our infection rate rises again, we’ll need to shut down again and it will be on the backs of those who are unwilling to comply with wearing a mask and follow the other guidelines.

Herb Clark
Chester CA