Where I Stand: Be a Hero

By Capt. Bryan Roccucci

Special to Plumas News

Oxford defines a Hero as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities “.  The word hero certainly describes many people currently in our communities. So many local first responders, many of them volunteers, out working incredible hours doling their best to save lives and property from this beast they named Dixie. In addition to our local heroes, many men and women have come from out of town, out of area, out of state and even out of country to help in these efforts. Here in Plumas County, we are no strangers to an influx of travelers, though usually they are attracted here for a variety of other reasons.

Fire is not usually on the list of what brings people into our region, what normally comes to mind are things like natural beauty, forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife, meadows, mountains, small towns and small businesses. While just about every single one of these has been impacted by Dixie, they are down, but not out. Not all the forest land has burned, rivers and streams still bring water into our lakes teaming with fish. Animals that may have been displaced by the fire will begin to return, and our mountains, while they may bear some scars, still stand. Mother Nature is an incredible healer, and the process has already begun.


There has been so much devastation and destruction of both our natural and man-made resources, the collective loss that the area experienced is massive. Homes, buildings, business in fact whole towns were decimated and thousands of people displaced. Some businesses, especially the small seasonal type, even without direct losses to the fire, have had months of their “busy season” canceled as a result of evacuation orders and travel restrictions.  As we look to the future, the people and business that still exist, and can operate, will be one of the key foundational elements to rebuilding the region. Most, if not all, of these businesses are run by and employ members of the local communities. Many of these people are still showing up for work despite having suffered their own losses to Dixie. Your support of our local businesses will be the direct injection of life saving blood the local economy needs, with an average 67 cents of every dollar spent in a small business staying in the community.

Come to our area, take advantage of local lodging, grab a coffee at the little place on the corner, fish our waters, and experience our mountains.  You may not be a fire fighter or first responder, but you still have an incredible opportunity to be a hero for our local communities.

About the Author:  Capt. Bryan Roccucci is a full-time professional guide and owner/operator of Big Daddy’s Guide Service. BDGS offers year-round light tackle angling adventures on Lake Almanor as well as seasonal trips on Bucks Lake, Eagle Lake, and Lake Davis. Bryan has nearly 3 decades of experience on these waters with more than 20 years as a professional guide specializing in trophy trout and Kokanee. Bryan also proudly serves as a board member for the Almanor Fishing Association and has been appointed to the Plumas County Fish And Game Commission. For more information about the fishing or any of the lakes please visit www.bigdaddyfishing.com or follow us on Facebook / Instagram / YouTube @bigdaddysguideservice

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