Where I Stand: Dangerous trailer start fires – there ought to be laws

By Ron Melancon

Dear Editor:

Recently your publication published a report of a person towing a trailer for 40 miles sending hot sparks and hot material into dried out vegetation along the highway. The cause of all of this was from a poorly manufactured and maintained utility trailer.

Can you “Handle The Truth”  over 40 percent of all roadside fires which escalates into lives getting killed and thousands of homes getting destroyed are caused by a “Passenger Vehicle Towing A Trailer.”  In fact “You Can’t Handle The Truth”  the Carr wildfire that killed six and destroyed over 3,000 homes was caused by a person towing a Camper trailer and ran on the rim for over 5 miles causing a 5-mile wall of fire. The people of California all forgave her again simply Google Carr Wildfire and the point is how many times does these fires have to destroy before we hold people accountable?


The rate of these fires is increasing by 3-4 percent year over year and by 2024 over 50 percent of all wildfires will be cased by people who tow trailers. People are buying SUVs with hitches and are buying boats, jet skis, horse trailers, landscaping trailers even pizza oven trailers with no idea how to maintain or tow.  How can we prove it and  not be “Russian”  in less then 5 seconds? I have honed my inspection silks to spot that over 80 percent of all people with safety chains have dragged them at one time or another. It is so easy to spot a “safety chain” that has been dragged even a caveman would see it.

We are so sick and tired of being the only organization sounding the alarm  seeing ordinary citizens getting burned to death, fleeing their homes, towns destroyed, and all California makes laws about is banning plastic straws.

What are our recommendations you may ask?  Here it is:

  • Ban all people towing anything except emergency crews and personnel until the fires are in control
  • Ban safety chains and go to plastic coated cables – note the safety chain industry has lobbied against this
  • Demand that Du-Pont or other inventors develop a “Teflon” color coded exposy to go over the safety chains
  • Require a $1,000,000 insurance policy on any trailer that is being towed and some of the premium goes into a fund that helps pay for the losses of homes due to a roadside fire started by a trailer.

In closing, I spoke about this to Congressman Cantor, NETS and NHTSA and the only thing they do is nothing except ignore all the fires and smoke. The sad thing in America today is we don’t fix anything anymore because all we do is blame “Russian Collusion” for everything. I got news for you the “Russians” are not starting fires….it’s American people towing a trailer that not only starting fires but killing innocent people. Over 550 will die like Erica Hills in 2020 and for some reason nobody seems to care.

Google Dangerous Trailers Dragging Safety Chains
Google Dangerous Trailers Erica Hills
Google Dangerous Trailers Loose Pizza Oven Kills Dad California

It’s about time we start fixing things again.