Where I Stand: Response to charges raised at FRC board meeting

It was sad to hear people I don’t know giving pejorative statements about me and my political and religious beliefs. It was rather bizarre to see that they were given time on the Board action agenda and invited to formally move Board actions. That’s a privilege Superintendent Trutna rarely allows even Board members. In point of fact, I have done no harm to the individuals involved nor to the College. I have done my job as a Trustee honestly and forthrightly, and never have I brought my political or religious beliefs to my performance as Trustee. I understand our job as a non-partisan one. I appreciate that Superintendent Trutna and some Trustees dislike me and my political views. However, I would have hoped that they could see beyond personal dislike and put the interests of FRC foremost as I have. Instead, they seem resolved to use their offices for truly inappropriate actions and in doing so, they make FRC appear to be the insensitive and discriminatory institution they claim to stand against.

Dr. Trent Saxton,
District 1 Trustee