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2 thoughts on “Where I Stand: Solutions beyond fusion

  • You (literary you) are ignoring the fact that a thermal balance exist between incoming solar radiation and reflected solar radiation.

    Solar produced electricity on the scale that we would need will have the affect of capturing solar radiation that would have been reflected back out of the atmosphere. The very problem that climate activist are convinced that green house gases are doing now.

    Ponder on it. If we capture incoming solar radiation with solar panels that would have naturally reflected back to space we will be increasing the available energy within the atmosphere to heat it.

    In reality we do not even need to debate this. Climate change is natural and not man caused.

  • Please see the diagram at this link, pretty comedic and succinct way of illustrating human affect on Earth’s temp, the only planet we have:


    [After setting your car on fire] Listen, your car’s temperature has changed before.

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