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Where I Stand: United We Stand…Divided We Fall

Over the last couple of months the campaign for Sheriff has become increasingly negative and divisive. It has been difficult to see so many people battling each other within the communities of this county that I care so deeply for. While I absolutely support everyone’s right to an opinion and sharing facts, I do not condone mudslinging and tearing eachother down. Especially directed at the Sheriff’s Office team that has worked so tirelessly.

We have experienced two of the most difficult years in Plumas County history. Things have been challenging enough and I see no need to add to the difficulties we already face. We are still in recovery from 2 major events, and now is the time that we have to come together to make a better future for this county. We should all be striving to treat each other with respect, dignity, and kindness.

I am aware that a majority of the Employees Association has chosen to endorse candidate Cline. I am just as surprised as many of you, and wish that there would have been better communication from Supervisor Hagwood and Candidate Cline who claim to have known about this for over a year. It could have really benefited the Sheriff’s Office and the communities we serve to know about these issues as they started to develop. However, all I can do now is use this information to start making positive changes and address the issues.

I recognize that there is work to be done and I can assure you I am ready to do the work and bring us all back together again. As Abraham Lincoln said “United we stand, divided we fall.” Now get out there and vote.



Sheriff Todd Johns


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