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Hobby Main racer no. 77, Steve Buhr, finishes the race in second place. Steve Gordon in 7s finishes the night in fourth, while Paul Stevens in no. 28 came in last on Sept. 21 at the raceway at Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

American Valley Speedway finished for the season

Car racing in Plumas County ended in Quincy for 2019 as the final engines sped by Sept. 21. A terrific show was experienced by fans in the stadium stands where Hobby, Sport Mods, IMCA Modifieds and Mini Stocks raced by throughout the evening.

Earplugs came in handy as engines roared and in some cases a little mud was thrown depending on how close viewers were to the track. During the year, the oval, slightly banked clay track hosted 15 events (one called due to weather). The lineup kicked off with Nevada Outlaw Dwarf Nationals in April and included IMCA Northern Sport Mods along with all the car classes exhibited on the final race night.

Many hands pull together all the pieces to make the races possible inside the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds and the Nieman family figures prominently in that process.

Promoter, racecar sponsor/driver and overall racing enthusiast Curt Neiman took over the reins at the speedway this season and will continue through 2020. Other members of the Nieman family are also involved in the races.

Curt’s wife, Lisa Nieman, is the scorekeeper and daughter Brittney Nieman tends to the extensive website, which lists all kinds of services in Quincy, including restaurants and lodging choices. It is a handy tool and reference for any visitors to Quincy. Brittney also manages the office staff and pit gate.

Kealey Froggatt is the Track Photographer. Rance Lewis is perhaps the most recognizable as he sets the tone race nights as the voice everyone hears announcing during the races. Essential for everyone’s safety are Tech Inspectors Jimmy Hogg and Jim Correll.

Sponsors for the 2019 race season included Mohawk Trading Company, Napa Auto Parts, Pizza Factory, Competition Carburetors, and Gordon Peard Trucking.

Opportunities to support an evening of exciting racing at American Valley Speedway are available by contacting organizers online via americanvalleyspeedway.com or by calling 283-3301.

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