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The Greenville Indians after winning their game with the Chester Volcano girls during the Greenville Invitational on Dec. 7. Standing from left, Justina Jaimes, Jordan Hale, captain Alexis Goodson, Morgan Tyler, Lacie Banchio, Rosemary Balbiani and captain Ashlyn Bustamante. Front from left, Ashlyn Heard, Julieanna Fieldson and Stella Balbiani.

Basketball season splashes wide open for girls

PHS vs. Quincy, 64-29

Girls on the eastern Plumas teams matched up during the annual Tiger Classic in Portola on Dec. 14.

The quarters started off with a close 12-10 in favor of the Tigers but then the Portola girls pulled away in the second quarter scoring 20 points and allowing only two for the Trojans, 32-12.

After the half, Quincy scored 7 points and the Tigers rose another 19 points, 51-19. The teams were closely matched in the final quarter, 10 points for QHS and 13 points for PHS.

Juniors Sophie Ward and Mya Wilson each marked 17 points for the Tigers. Senior Emily Sheridan scored 9 points, senior Margaret Canseco added 7 points and junior Abby Klemesrud contributed 6. Sophomore Mikayla Segna scored 4 points and junior Annie Folchi added 2 points as did sophomore Sophia Dutton.

Wilson had five 3-pointers in her total, Mya Wilson sank a trio of 3-pointers and Sheridan landed one long shot. Ward and Sheridan were awarded all-tourney and Mya Wilson earned Most Valuable Player.

Sophomore Lexi Baumgartner led the Trojan scoring with 9 points, including landing a pair of 3-pointers. Sophomore Annie Froggatt added 5 points with a 3-pointer in the mix. Sophomore Makenna Crosby scored 4 points and Brystol Beatley, CoraGrace Hardee, Kayla Thackeray, Elainna Warndorf and Emmary Wingfield all contributed 2 points for the Trojans. Senior Jaeden Stephens scored a point for QHS.

At the free throw line, Baumgartner hit three of four, Wingfield scored on two of two and Stephens sank one of two shots.

Thackeray collected six rebounds. Hardee gathered five. Beatley, Stephens and Wingfield all picked up three each. Senior Emma Englund and Crosby both cleaned up defensive rebounds for the Trojans.

Baumgartner stole the ball from the Tigers three times. Beatley and Crosby managed to steal twice and Stephens took the ball away from the Tigers once.

Portola 60, Biggs 37

Margaret Canseco hit her stride scoring 18 points for the Tigers on Dec. 13 in their tournament challenge with the Wolverines. Mya Wilson sank two 3-pointers for a grand total of 10 PHS points. Sophie Ward, Annie Folchi and Emily Sheridan spread things out evenly scoring 8 points each. Ward sank a 3-pointer and Folchi landed two long shots.

Portola 46, Loyalton 41

Canseco brought in the money with 14 points for PHS. Sheridan scored 12 points and landed a pair of long 3-pointers. Ward also sank a 3-pointer in her 9 points as did Mya Wilson scoring 8 points. Abby Klemesrud scored with a 3-point long shot.

Quincy 28, Loyalton 43

The Trojans faced the Grizzlies two times in three days with incredibly similar outcomes. During the Tiger Classic on Dec. 13, Lexi Baumgartner put 16 points on the board for QHS with a pair of 3-pointers included in the total. Jaeden Stephens scored 6 points. Beatley, Crosby and Wingfield all added 2 points to the score.

Beatley landed two of two free throw shots, Baumgartner hit two of three, and Stephens scored on two of five.

Baumgartner and Stephens led the Trojans picking up seven rebounds each. Hardee and Thackeray gathered three each. Froggatt and Wingfield picked up two defensive rebounds each and Crosby also gathered a defensive rebound.

Quincy 40, Biggs 39

The first game of the Tiger Classic in Portola was an exciting win for the Trojans. QHS led the first quarter by a point, 12-11. Biggs took over the lead in the second period, 19-17.

After the half, QHS tied things up at 30-30 and managed to score just one more point than Biggs in the final quarter for the win.

Baumgartner scored 21 points including a trio of 3-pointers. Stephens, Wingfield and Froggatt all scored 5 points for QHS. Hardee and Thackeray both scored 2 points each.

Baumgartner was shooting at 80 percent, scoring on four of five free throws. Froggatt sunk three of six and Stephens and Wingfield both scored with one of two chances.

Crosby stole the ball from Biggs four times. Baumgartner stole twice and Froggatt, Stephens and Beatley all took the ball from a Wolverine. Thackeray led, picking up seven rebounds. Stephens gathered five. Crosby, Wingfield and Froggatt all picked up three each. Baumgartner managed two rebounds and Beatley and Hardee each picked up one.

Quincy 29, Loyalton 49

Before the Tiger Classic began, the Trojans traveled to Loyalton to play the Grizzlies on their home court Dec. 10. Baumgartner managed to score 20 points that included three long shots. Wingfield scored 4 points, senior Kathryn Dolan and Froggatt added two points, and Englund got on the scoreboard with one.

Baumgartner sank three of five free throw shots, Froggatt landed two of two and Englund scored with one of three.

Indians 50, McCloud 19

On the Northwestern side of the county, the GHS Indians traveled further north to meet the Loggers on their home turf in McCloud.

The Greenville girls held the lead at the end of each period. The first three quarter scores were 12-7, 35-11, and 42-16.

Junior Alexis Goodson scored 16 points for GHS. Senior Indian Ashlyn Bustamante landed a pair of 3-pointers in the 13 points for Greenville. Junior Julieanna Fieldson added 11 points to the GHS score. She landed her only shot from the free throw line.

Bustamante scored with five of her seven free throw shots.

Goodson cleaned up for Greenville with 15 rebounds. Fieldson picked up nine. Freshman Morgan Tyler collected three offensive rebounds and four defensive. Sophomore Ashlyn Heard picked up four rebounds as did junior Lacie Banchio. Freshman Juntina Jaimes gathered two defensive rebounds, Bustamante and sophomore Stella Balbiani each collected one. Julieanna Fieldson was awarded player of the game.

Greenville 50, ACA 17

The Indians scored 13 in the first quarter, 12 points in the second, 12 points in the third quarter and 13 points in the final period.

The American Christian Academy Eagles were only allowed 2 points on the board for the first, third and fourth quarters. In the second quarter they scored 11 points to the GHS 12 points.

Bustamante scored 22 points, Goodson scored 14 points, Fieldson and Banchio each scored 6 points and Tyler scored two. Bustamante landed three long shots and three of 10 free throw shots. Banchio hit two of two free throws.

Goodson picked up rebounds 14 times and stole the ball eight times. Fieldson gathered eight rebounds and stole the ball seven times. Tyler also picked up eight rebounds and stole the ball four times. Bustamante stole the ball eight times and picked up a pair of rebounds. Heard claimed two rebounds and stole the ball twice.

Chester 42, Big Valley 45

The Volcanoes won the tip off as the game began. Jacklyn Zuniga was first on the scoreboard with a free throw for Chester, but then Big Valley mustered up a head of steam taking the Cardinals to lead 11-1. CHS Chancey Juska changed that with a 2-pointer. CHS Julianna Polanco followed suit and scored 2 as well. The first quarter ended 13-5 for Big Valley.

Polanco and Juska scored amidst multiple shots from Big Valley bringing the halftime score to 27-9 for Big Valley.

Juska was on a roll scoring three times in a row turning the beast as CHS began to narrow the gap. Jacklyn Zuniga got back on the scoreboard with a free throw, 16-29. CHS Hanna Zuniga scored a basket and so did Polanco, 39-20. Jacklyn came back in to score and Kassi Nine-Squire put her first mark on the CHS board to end the 3rd quarter 24-41 for Big Valley.

An hour after the game began, the fourth quarter started. Juska, Jacklyn Zuniga and Polanco all scored closing in on the Cardinals, 41-30. Jacklyn Zuniga scored twice, Juska scored and then Nine-Squire scored again, 45-38.

Jacklyn Zuniga sank the two final baskets of the game in the last minute to bring the final score to the tight 45-42 for Big Valley.

Chester 23, E. Nicolaus 59

The Volcanoes won the tip off. Chancey Juska scored on two free throw shots for the Vols in the first quarter that ended 9-2 for the Spartans, who maintained the lead for the balance of the game.

Jacklyn Zuniga scored for Chester in the second quarter. East Nicolaus came back to score and then Skylar Jansen sunk a 3-pointer for the Vols, 11-7 East Nic.

Kassi Nine-Squire scored on a free throw, 15-8. Juska hit two free throws, 19-10. Jacklyn Zuniga landed a free throw, 22-11, and the score was 24-11 at the half.

Juska landed two free throw shots followed by a pair of 2-point field goals, 37-17. The score was 39-17 heading into the fourth quarter.

Juska scored 2 points, Jacklyn Zuniga knocked the CHS score to 20 with her free throw shot, 43-20. Polanco jumps back on the scoreboard for the final Volcano points, 52-23.

East Nicolaus scored three times in the final two minutes of the game for the final score, 59-23.

Chester 26, Burney 57

The final game for the Volcano girls while hosting the Chester Mountain Pride Basketball Tournament was a tough match against the Raiders.

The Raiders relied heavily on senior Kylie Tiran who scored 29 points for the Burney girls. Tiran landed a trio of 3-pointers.

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