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Time out for the lady Vols in Biggs on Feb. 24. Photos by Shalee Purin

The Chester Volcano girls win second round of playoffs

Chester Volcano Paige Reed, No. 5, goes in for the shot while Elizabeth Bereznak, No. 11, prepares for the rebound against Biggs.

The Chester Volcano girls’ basketball team won Feb. 24 against Biggs at its away playoff game by a score of 32-22.

This game is part of the NSCIF Girls Basketball Championships 2017-Division 6 tournament.

This win puts the Vols at 17-9 overall and 6-2 in league play.

Senior Paige Reed earned the Vols their first point in the victory. Reed played hard all four quarters earning Chester 11 of its 32 points.

Senior Theresa Miller tied with Reed as top scorer in the playoff game raking in 11 points for the Volcanoes.

The Vols played great overall in these, the second round of playoffs for the Northern Section.

The lady Vols appear to have developed confidence in each other’s skills and abilities and work together as a team on the court.

The ladies demonstrated positive attitudes and dedication to teamwork. This may have helped pave their road to success this season as a team.

The girls seem to follow direction from their coach Aaron Hardesty without attitude or question.

Showing mutual respect for each other and the game, the lady Volcanoes set an example of sportsmanship for the younger athletes on and off the court. Chester girls set the bar high for future players.

The Chester girls have an away playoff game versus the Fall River Bulldogs on Wednesday, March 1, at 7 p.m.

The Fall River Bulldogs currently rank 19-5 overall and 7-3 in league play.

Kaycee Crawford, No. 4, prepares to block a Biggs pass.

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