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The view looking toward Klamath, over the Klamath River, is surreal as fog above is reflected in the water below.

Consistency leads to success

These trees near Klamath Kamp don’t particularly look old, but something about them make me think they were elders along the trail. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Last week I instigated a series on local hiking trails. This week included the Thanksgiving holiday. It started to dawn on me that I was not going to be “local.” I was headed off for a little family tour.

Wednesday evening I witnessed a very exciting game in Chester where the Volcano boys won the Northern California CIF championships. By the time the photos and celebration were winding down, it was 10 p.m.

I headed off to begin my adventure with a drive to Petaluma. I wanted to seize the opportunity to have breakfast with a friend who was flying to Thailand on Thanksgiving day to spend six weeks in a monastery, a first for me.

After a night’s sleep and breakfast, I drove up the scenic coast to have dinner with my sister. I was going to be a few hours early so I took a couple of detours along the way to hike a few redwood trails in the rain.

I definitely had the new article forefront in my mind as I layered up in plastic to venture out in the downpour. “It’s only water,” I told myself … and mud. But it was fun and it was kind of thrilling to fulfill my commitment of intention, alone and on the trail.

I did, however, have visions of collapsing cliffs near Big Sur as I neared the muddy overlook. I was sure I would survive the slide to the ocean 300 feet below, but was pretty sure my shoes were not ideal for the hike back up.

I know that consistency is the key to success for me and if I paused for Thanksgiving, I might pause for Christmas. So here are a few pictures from hikes that were not so local, but quite beautiful and very rewarding.

Drury Scenic Parkway off of Highway 101, just south of Crescent City and north of Orrick, provides all the cosmic colors in the palette. Electric green moss and dead ground cover that turns pink as wetted by rain.

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