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Eagles take on Cougars

The Feather River College women’s softball season hosted the first round of Regional Playoffs after winning the Golden Valley Conference with an 18-2 league record and an amazing 33-7-1 overall tally.

The Sacramento City Cougars came to town May 4 and the Eagles lost that first game 3-1. With a night’s sleep, the FRC team rallied Saturday morning to beat the Cougars back to a 2-0 victory.

Cheering fans reassembled for the deciding “game three” and second in the doubleheader after a short breather. The sun was out, the FRC men were less than 100 feet away in their own regional battle and anticipation was high.

The Cougars were early on the board with three runs and it looked like they were going to hold the Eagles scoreless while adding another run, 4-0. The FRC ladies came back though, in a big way; they got three runs on the board in the last inning with runners on base to win the game … but time ran out. The Cougars won the last game 4-3, packed up their bags and moved on to Super Regionals.

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