Fish Bits: Fishing and fire — not a good mix

The Almanor Fishing Association announced that the annual Paul Garrido Family Picnic scheduled for Saturday, July 31, has been postponed. The AFA Board will be holding a zoom meeting to address the future of this year’s event.
“I want to assure the Lake Almanor Community, fishermen, supporters and all of our dedicated volunteers, that the Almanor Fishing Association will survive the Dixie Fire,” said John Crotty. “As a result of our members, individual and business sponsors, AFA is financially sound and we are anxiously looking forward to the 2021/22 fish pen season.”
Highway 89, from Highway 36 to the 89/70 Wye, remains closed. Highway 89/70 from the Wye down the canyon is closed as well. Highway 147 from A-13 to 89 in Canyon Dam is also closed. Mandatory evacuation orders remain in place for large portions of Plumas County (please visit the Plumas County Sheriff’s Department website for daily updates on closures). Air quality is poor at best and most likely will remain that way for weeks, if not months. The south shoreline of Almanor is lined with ash and debris ten feet out from shore and the shoreline is covered in ash as well.
“The Dixie Fire has been wreaking havoc on Plumas and Butte Counties for weeks. With 250,000 acres burned, most of the Lake Almanor Basin is under mandatory evacuation orders or warning. Homes and livelihoods are being threatened along the Feather River Canyon, in Quincy, Indian Valley, Crescent Mills, Greenville, Canyon Dam, and Prattville and beyond as more than 6,000 heroes are risking their lives to protect ours,” said Crotty.
“What was important last week, month or year seem insignificant today. We have no control over the fate of our homes, businesses and personal belongings, the Dixie Fire for most of us will be permanently etched in our memories. It has changed our lives, I can only pray it doesn’t define who we are, dictate our future or diminish our love for the lives we have chosen.”
“On a personal note Deb and I are in awe of the generosity, kindness and offers of assistance that we have received over the past week. As of today our small lodge (Quail Lodge in Canyon Dam) has survived the fire as have our neighbor’s homes and properties. We have come to peace with whatever the outcome and thankful for our safety.”
“To all of our AFA friends, supporters and volunteers, please know how much we appreciate you. I look forward to writing a fishing report, feeding our pen fish, fishing with youth & Veterans, and protecting and enhancing our World Class Fishery. AFA will play a role in the healing and rebuilding of Lake Almanor.”
Thanks to the heroic efforts of fire fighters and law enforcement for their efforts for the Lake Almanor Community.