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Fish Bits: Fishing at Almanor

Lake Almanor

Almanor Fishing Association is keeping us up to date with what is happening over at Lake Almanor, thank you John Crotty for the consistency to keep us all in the loop.

The news April 26 is that the Canyon Dam boat ramp remains the only public access ramp available on Almanor. RV sites are beginning to open and Almanor residents are starting to see an influx of seasonal visitors to Plumas County.

“Plumas does have travel restrictions in place, I recommend you visit the Plumas County website to find up to date information regarding those restrictions as they are fluid,” suggested Crotty.

Almanor Lake level continues to rise slowly, as of April 25 the level was 4585.39. Last year on April 25 the lake level was 4489.02. Bailey Creek is flowing and both Hamilton Branch and the Feather are depositing large volumes of water; the Super Ditch is dry.

“Water temp is in the mid to high 50s and our daytime temps are approaching the 70-degree mark,” said Crotty. “The fish are active and there has been lots of boat pressure especially on the weekends.”

Fish are being caught throughout the lake as bug hatches have been off the charts, the fish are healthy and acrobatic when hooked. Fast, slow or anything in between will catch fish, pick your preferred method and stick with it. “Pond smelt patterns continue to produce fish and of course the forty-niner speedy shiner must be on at least one rod at all times when pulling hardware,” said Crotty.

The bass are beginning to bed up and bass fishermen are picking up quality fish along the shoreline and off rocky points. Bank fishermen are catching fish at Hamilton Branch with fly fishermen out producing bait. The bank bite has slowed around Canyon Dam.

Send pictures of your early spring fishing expeditions for publication in the Feather Publishing Sports Section to [email protected].

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