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Fish bits for the week of 12/11/19

The scene is calm and quiet Nov. 25 at Frenchman as Gary Blanchard lets his invention hold the line waiting for a bite. Photos by Gary Blanchard

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association had some time between shoveling snow to get out on the water and provide some details on fishing at the lake Dec. 8.

“We received a little over 2 inches of precipitation over the past two days with a mixture of heavy rains and a little snow. Add to that a couple of feet of snow since Thanksgiving weekend and our 2019/20 winter is quickly making up for a mild and dry fall,” said Crotty. “Lake level is currently at 4,485 feet which is the same as December 2018.”

Fishing pressure is light with a few fishermen targeting fish in the coves. Power bait and crawlers remain the top options for bank fishermen. There have also been some fly fishermen targeting fish in Geritol, Kiddie and Roadside coves from boats and tubes when weather permits.

“There has been minimal boat traffic on the lake and fishing has been tough at best,” said Crotty. “It’s that time of year and while fishing can be good at times, finding them is difficult.”

We are getting a little break in the weather this week; it may be the last opportunity to fish Almanor for a while.

The Canyon Dam boat ramp remains open and most of the snow around the lake has dissipated with the warm rains.

Feather River

The river below the dams is open year-round; any section that connects eventually to the ocean, including the lower Feather and the American Yuba. To fish these waterways, keep in mind a salmon or steelhead license is required.

Lake Davis

The snow is flying, so the next item on your Davis fishing calendar may be the John Pato Ice (or no ice) Winter Fishing Derby on Feb. 1.

Send pictures of fall fishing expeditions in for the Feather Publishing Sports Section to [email protected].

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