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Fish Bits for the week of 3/11/20

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association checked in March 1.

“In February we finally received a dusting of snow on the last day of the month, certainly not enough to amount to anything, but perhaps this high pressure is going to fall apart and allow us to receive some precipitation. It does look like we have some more weather coming in later this week.

“Lake level has increased ever so slightly and visibility remains in the eight to 10 foot range. Water temps start out the day around the 40 degree mark and will creep up a couple of degrees throughout the day.

“We are experiencing some wind today keeping most boats off the water. Yesterday fishing was OK, we picked up a few fish early and once the sun got on the water the bite got tough. The fish we did catch were a nice grade and in great shape; all but one was between 3 and 4 pounds.

“We started the day with a nice bright salmon; we caught most of our fish slow trolling bait on the surface early and dropping baits to 25 feet once the sun came out. Fish are still feeding on pond smelt and we have been marking large schools of smelt throughout the lake.

“When late morning winds made slow trolling tough, we switched over to hardware, picked up speed and managed to get a few grabs and one quality rainbow on old faithful, the forty-niner speedy shiner in 1/6 oz.

“Fish are scattered throughout the lake and you can catch them fast or slow trolling.

“Cove fishermen are picking up a few fish, with fly fishermen doing better than the guys on the bank.

What little snow we received last night will be gone today, our roads are open with no delays on any of the roads leading to Lake Almanor.”

Veterans Fishing Day

The date has been set for the fourth annual Veterans Fishing Day hosted by AFA on June 27. Vets who would like to fish can call 284-0861 or email the group [email protected] for questions and sign up.

Fishing will start at 6 a.m. A big barbeque takes place around 3 p.m. after the day on the water at the Lake Almanor Rec #1 picnic area.

Registration for this big day takes place before May 22; any vets wanting to sign up afterward will be placed on a will call list. Contact early to reserve a spot.

Send pictures of your early spring fishing expeditions for publication in the Feather Publishing Sports Section to [email protected].

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