Fish bits for the week of 5/8/19

Another week of fantastic weather has water temps and lake levels on the rise.

The Super Ditch, Bailey Creek, Hamilton Branch and virtually every feeder stream going into Almanor is depositing water. Fishing continues to improve: Salmon, browns, rainbows and bass were all eager. Surface temps have reached into the 60s. The worst of the weather is behind us and we are forecast to see 70 degrees this week.

Fishing pressure has increased, “I counted 51 boat trailers in the parking lots at Canyon Dam yesterday,” said Almanor Fishing Association rep John Crotty. Pressure has been heavy along the shorelines and on the northwest side of the lake. Bass fishermen caught smallies using plastics off points. Insects are hatching and spring is in the air. Fishermen are targeting bass and trout in a variety of methods — trolling, jigging, ripping and fly-casting — whatever your preference will catch fish.

“My boat caught fish fast trolling hardware along the west side of the lake,” said Crotty. “We fished in water to 50 feet deep and caught our fish in the top 15 feet trolling at 2.8 mph.” Fish are taking advantage of the insect hatches all over the lake and the fish are in great shape.


Canyon Dam remains the only public boat ramp with dock in place. Boaters can launch at the USFS public access dock in Prattville; the dock however is not in the water.

Lakeside businesses are prepping for the 2019 season.

“Now is the time to get on the water enjoy the weather and beat the crowds with a good chance of catching that trophy fish,” said Crotty.