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Fishing continues at Lake Almanor

Last week’s super storm dropped a significant amount of rain throughout Plumas and Lassen Counties, and now the area finally has a solid coating of snow. Bailey Creek has been flowing since Oct. 26 (the first time in the whole month of October) and the Super Ditch had water for a couple of days. Hamilton Branch is also depositing large volumes of water into Almanor. Lake level has come up a foot (4475.85) over the past week as locals remain cautiously optimistic that the trend will continue through the winter into spring. Modest amounts of rain fell on the first Monday of November and drizzling forecasts this week follow including seasonally mild temperatures.

Hamilton Branch remains the top spot for bank fishermen; it has cleared up to a fishable green over the past two days. “Bank fishermen did catch fish off the causeway prior to the storm; I haven’t seen anyone fishing there recently,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. Trollers have been concentrating their efforts on the West side of the Peninsula to Bailey Creek. The bite has been inconsistent, good one day and tough the next. “We struggled to find bait and catch fish yesterday. We fished from Bailey to the tip of the Peninsula, picked up and went up by the dam but didn’t see fish or bait and finished up hooking a few fish off Dorado,” said Crotty. “We covered lots of ground, varied depths and speeds for 8 or 9 grabs and six fish. We slow trolled crawlers and gulps with an 80’setback in water between 20-35’deep. Most of the fish we caught were in the top ten feet of the water column.”

The good news is the USFS has been working to open the Canyon Dam boat ramp. Most of the hazardous trees have been removed. The dock is still high and dry and the gate remains locked. In the meantime, Plumas Pines remains available for launching.

Road work continues throughout Plumas County. Expect minor delays on all roads leading to Almanor.

AFA began receiving their 50,000 Eagle Lake pen fish beginning Monday. “The AFA fish pen program is the longest running most successful fish pen program in the state; 2021/22 will be our 37th year,” said Crotty. “We are honored to work with California Fish & Wildlife, PG&E, the Lake Almanor Community and our members to provide this service.” The fish are 3-5 inches in size, approximately ten to the pound, when received. They will more than triple in size prior to their release next spring. They are fed between 1 1/2 to 3 bags of high protein vitamin packed food a day, every day, until they are released next spring. “In fact, our feeders have not missed a day of feeding in over two years!” said Crotty. “If you are interested in assisting on a regular basis or just want to check out and feed one time, please contact us through our web site @ Almanorfishingassociation.org or by email@ [email protected]


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