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Patiently waiting, 150 well-fed scholar athletes are excited for the beginning of the FRC awards ceremony April 8. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

FRC athletic scholars honored

Feather River College Athletics hosted dignitaries from the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) and the Golden Valley League to honor college athletes for their excellence in academics April 8.

The event offered a free lunch to all attendees prepared by the FRC Culinary students made in the Eagles Perch Café. More tacos have rarely been in one place than at the pre-event lunch that fed 150 scholar recipients, observing guests, FRC board members and Eagle athletic coaches. None were turned away hungry.

After lunch, Athletic Director Merle Trueblood welcomed the large gathering to, “the best day of my life.” Seeing athletes excel in collegiate academics is what Trueblood describes as the real highlight of his career.

Trueblood introduced the executive director and CEO/President of the CCCAA, Carlyle Carter. After a warm reception, Carter described how competing in athletics led him to a college education. “I’m from a small town in Appalachia called Frostburg,” said Carter where life was very simple, “and I’m the first person in my family to attend college.”

Carter’s story wound around about his experience playing sports and dreams of becoming a career athlete. He described the reality of his personal experience and then put tremendous emphasis on, “plan B.”

Carter had a pile of statistics that laid out a picture of California athletes scoring higher grade point averages (GPAs) than students who do not compete in college team sports. Which Carter pointed out as interesting since college athletes are expected and required to put out high levels of dedication, effort and countless hours in practice in addition to their schoolwork.

Athletes spend hours traveling to games in far away places and have mandatory extra athletic-focused courses added to their academic schedules.

Carter pointed out that not only do athletes maintain higher GPAs in California, but also that Feather River College athletes maintain higher averages than other California colleges. A big round of applause from the crowd followed that announced statistic.

Golden Valley Conference Commissioner Gary Houser attended to support the success of FRC athletic scholars.

Individual team coaches stepped to the podium and announced proudly the names of all their athletes who had achieved a 3.0 GPA and above.

Each athletic scholar was brought to the stage and presented with a certificate from one of the college board members and a handshake of congratulations from FRC president Kevin Trutna.

After the presentation and a huge round of applause from the audience, teams were gathered by their coaches for pictures and further congratulations.

Scholar Athletes by team

Women’s Track 2

Men’s Rodeo 3

Women’s Rodeo 6

Women’s Basketball 8

Beach Volleyball 8

Men’s Basketball 8

Softball 9

Women’s Soccer 12

Men’s Soccer 16

Volleyball 18

Football 28

Baseball 32

Athletic coaches are proud and ready to present the academic achievements of their individual team members to the crowd. From left, head track coach Carlos Suarez, Russell Reid standing in for newlywed head rodeo coach Riley York, head women’s basketball coach Brent Stevens, head volleyball and beach volleyball coach Sarah Ritchie, head men’s basketball coach Randy Rick, head softball coach Meredith Aragon, head men’s and women’s soccer coach Artie Cairel, head football coach Nick Goulet and head baseball coach Terry Baumgartner. Photo by Mari Erin Roth
Feather River College athletic scholars listen attentively to CCCAA President Carlyle Carter tell his story. Photo by Lisa Kelly

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