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Excited over a point just won, the Eagles plan to “do it again” on Oct. 4 against the Siskiyous Eagles Photo by Mari Erin Roth

FRC lady Eagles win 3-0 against the Siskiyous Eagles

Feather River College ladies volleyball team is 14-4 overall and 1-0 in conference play after their win over the Siskiyous Eagles in Quincy on Oct. 4.

With 12 kills the first set, 7 in the second and 18 kills in the third set, the mighty Eagles left their mark on the Siskiyous Eagles of the north.

Cyan Blackdeer led the attack with 16 kills. Precious Helekahi served up 23 aces and Megan Gallion put across 11 aces.

Watching a game involving the FRC women’s volleyball team is an exciting experience. Members of both teams filled the Oct. 4 competition with impressive performances. The set scores were 25-10, 25-11 and 25-18 with the Siskiyous team narrowing the gap, but never coming out on top.

Two opportunities to see these athletes play in Quincy are coming up: Wednesday, Oct. 18, against Shasta at 6 p.m.; and Friday, Nov. 3, against College of the Redwoods also at 6 p.m.

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  • What a great shot ! This picture captures what Title IX is all about.

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