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Girls basketball play in Plumas

High School girls have launched into league play and here is a look at how things are going across the county.

Chester Volcanoes

The first league game for the Chester girls was Jan. 14 against the Los Molinos Bulldogs. The northern opponents were tough and Bulldogs won, 49-24.

In the first half of the game with Los Molinos, Volcanoes Skylar Jansen, Chancey Juska and Bailey Redican all put marks on the scoreboard for the Chester team.

The Volcanoes took on the Mercy Warriors in Chester on Jan. 17 and the Redding Christian Lions on Jan. 21, also at CHS.

The girls have a 22-game schedule and their record is 0-1 in league and 4-10 overall. They are coached by Sergio Ontiveros.

Next, the girls travel for their upcoming games. They head to Burney for a league game this Friday, Jan. 24, to face the Raiders and south to Quincy to meet their Trojan rival Monday, Jan. 27, in a non-league match.

On Thursday, Jan. 30, the Volcanoes will again meet the Bulldogs from Los Molinos, only this time on the Chester home court with tip off at 5:30 p.m.

Quincy Trojans

The first league game for the Quincy girls was Jan. 15 facing the CORE Butte Lynx. The Trojans won the game by a score of 41-18.

The quarters ended all with Quincy in the lead, 9-3, 26-13, 30-16, and the final score 41-18.

Quincy sophomore Lexi Baumgartner led scoring with 13 points, including two 3-point shots. Sophomore Emmary Wingfield racked up 9 points including a 3-pointer. Senior Jaeden Stephens added 8 points, sophomore Kayla Thackeray another 4 points, Elainna Warndorf scored 3 points and Emma Englund and CoraGrace Hardee added 2 points each.

Baumgartner hit five of her six free throws for an impressive 83 percent. Stephens landed two of four and Warndorf hit one of four.

The Trojans played the Maxwell Bulldogs on Jan. 17 and host the Esparto Spartans today, Jan. 22, at 5 p.m. in Quincy.

The girls have a 27-game schedule and their record is 1-0 in league and 10-7 overall. They are coached by Terry Baumgartner.

Looking toward the future for the Quincy girls, sparks will fly this Friday, Jan. 24, when they travel to take on their rivals, the Portola Tigers. Tip off is at 5 p.m. in Portola for this league game.

The Trojans will host the Chester Volcanoes in Quincy on Monday, Jan. 27, starting at 7 p.m.

Portola Tigers

The first league game for the Tigers was against the Maxwell Panthers on Jan. 14. The Portola team pulled off another victory in their impressive run to beat the hosting Panthers, 61-24.

The Tigers took the lead in the first quarter, 14-2, and never let the Panthers up for air the balance of the game. The girls continued their hard drive through the second quarter to lead, 32-9. The closest quarter of the game was the third where the Tigers landed 14 points to the Panther 12 to bring the totals to 46-21. Portola spurred back into action for the fourth and final quarter adding 15 points allowing the Panthers only 3 points.

Senior Margaret Canseco hit 25 big points in the game, all the hard way, 2-pointers and free throws. Junior Mya Wilson brought in 16 points landing four 3-pointers in her total. Junior Abby Klemesrud added 6 points including a 3-point score. Junior Sophie Ward sank 5 points with one 3-pointer in the mix. Sophomore Mikayla Segna added 4 points, sophomore Sophia Dutton added 3 points and senior Emily Sheridan added 2 points.

This victory marked five wins in a row for the Portola ladies basketball team.

The second league game for Portola was Jan. 17 as they traveled to challenge the Biggs Wolverines. They play the CORE Butte Lynx today, Jan. 22, in Portola starting at 5 p.m. Next they will travel to play the Quincy Trojans this Friday, Jan. 24, starting at 6:30 p.m. The Tigers travel to Esparto Tuesday, Jan. 28.

The Tigers have a 27-game season and their league record is 1-0 and 7-10 overall. The lady Tigers are coached by first year head coach Chip Wilson.

Greenville Indians

The first league game for the Indians took place Jan. 14 when the Greenville girls won over the Westwood Lumberjacks by a score of 47-20.

Greenville took the lead forcefully to wrap the first quarter, 15-0. The Lumberjacks managed 6 points in the second quarter with GHS taking 9 points, 24-6. The GHS Indians rallied for another big 15-point quarter in the third and Westwood scored 3 points, 39-9. The Lumberjacks outscored the Indians in the final quarter, 11 points to 8 points, but it wasn’t enough to change the victor.

Junior Alexis Goodson led the Indians by scoring 15 points. Senior Ashlyn Bustamante brought in 12 and hit two of her four 3-point shots. Junior Julieanna Fieldson added 8 points as did junior Lacie Banchio. Ashlyn Heard and Morgan Tyler added 2 each to the scoreboard.

Goodson picked up six rebounds, and Bustamante gathered five. Fieldson and Heard pulled in three rebounds each. Tyler and Jordan Hale picked up a pair of rebounds each and Banchio gathered one as did freshman Justina Jaimes.

The Greenville Indians were only offered three free throw shots during the game, but Bustamante and Banchio picked up three personal fouls each and Fieldson was credited with one. Fieldson stole the ball eight times. Heard and Bustamante stole the ball four times each. Banchio and Goodson each managed a steal each. Credit for turnovers go to Fieldson for four and Heard for three turnovers. Sophomore Emma Hampton, Tyler, Bustamante, sophomore Stella Balbiani and Banchio all are credited with two each. Freshman Jaimes implemented one turnover.

The second league game for the girls was an away game in Loyalton yesterday, Jan. 21.

The GHS team will host Downieville for their third league game this Friday, Jan. 24, with tip off at 5:30 p.m.

The American Christian Academy lady Eagles will come over from Anderson to GHS for a non-league challenge Tuesday, Jan. 28, starting at 5:30 p.m.

The Greenville girls have a 27-game schedule and their league record is 1-0 and overall they are 11-7. They are coached by returning head coach Bridgette Bustamante.

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