From left, Waylon Jacobsen, Riley Jacobsen, Danny Jacobsen and Deke Jacobsen come in from a morning fishing on Gold Lake on June 28.

Gold Lake offers sun and fun for all ages

The clear water of Gold Lake reveals the fish that live within. Serene surroundings beckon campers to return year after year. Deke Jacobsen continues a tradition by bringing his two young children up to the lake from their home in Petaluma. “We’ve been coming up here since Deke was their age,” said Grandpa Danny Jacobsen of Paradise. The family returns each year for a week camping and “to see the fireworks.”

The fish weren’t biting but “It’s beautiful out there,” said Danny Jacobsen.

One thought on “Gold Lake offers sun and fun for all ages

  • A beautiful day on the water. Good to see personal flotation devices (PFDs) on the kids. Be better to see them on the dads too. Be safe out there.

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