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Blanche Flight Low Net winning team wear “Stay Golden, girl” shirts in keeping with the Golden Girls Invitational theme. The winning team members from left are, Laurie Humphries, Mikie Burdick, Judy Rossi and Darlene Gibaut. Photo submitted

Golf fun continues in Graeagle

Graeagle Men’s Golf Association

Play Day for Wednesday, Aug. 3, entertained 18 players, down a bit from the normal 24, possibly because of the two-day 50th Anniversary Member Guest tournament last weekend. The format for the Wednesday event was two-man par-points, plus “skins”. In this format a net Double Eagle is worth 8 points, a net Eagle 5 points, a net Birdie 3 points, a net Par 1 point, a net Bogey 0 points, and a net Double Bogey or worse is minus 2 points.

The winning team was Jim Reynolds and John Grasso with 48 par-points. Second place was the team of Dave Godwin and Tom Fregulia with 47 par-points. Third place was a tie between the teams of Dan Anderson and Jack Gilbert, and Mike Gibson and Bert Bellows, both with scores of 46 par-points.

There were four “skins” awarded, two to Bert Bellows, and one each to Steve Petersen and Tom Fregulia.

The Friday Play Day saw 17 players compete, in sometimes drizzle conditions. The format was a two-man better ball on the front nine, and both balls on the back nine, plus “skins”.  Par in this format is 108. The winning team was John Mitchell and Bert Bellows with a net score of 95. Second was the team of Andy Knudsen and Dennis Flynn with a score of 98.  Third place was the team of Steve Peterson and (Blind Draw) Andy Knudsen with a score of 99. There were eight “skins” awarded, two to Bert Bellows, and one each for Grant Mayfield, Jim Reynolds, Dave Macdonald, Andy Knudsen, Mario Garibotti and Cory Fanti.

Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club

The 2022 Combined Club Invitational with Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club and Plumas Pines Women’s Golf Club took place Aug. 31 through Sept. 2. The theme for the event was “The Golden Girls” including the characters of Rose, Blanche, Sophia and Dorothy. Sunday and Monday games were played at Plumas Pines and Tuesday events were played at Graeagle Meadows Golf Course.

The Invitational began on with a “Horse Race” at Plumas Pines. The game is play as an alternate shot competition, with members of each four-person team taking turns hitting a single ball. Teams are eliminated on each hole, until only two teams are left to vie for first and second place in their flight. The winning teams in the Sophia Flight were: Sabine Bennett, Cathy Cianciolo, Karen Introcaso and Suzie Wiese in first place. Janet Chism, Penny Frank, Jillian Lauderdale and Carol Mitchell earned 2nd place honors. In the Dorothy Flight, The team of Mikie Burdick, Darlene Gibaut, Laurie Humphries and Judy Rossi won first place. Dianne Broughton, Anne Fronk, Janet Grijalva and Katy Magliano. Congratulations went out to the Combined Club Invitational Champions, the team of Holly Anderson, Kathleen Friedman, Priscilla Piper and Sharla Scott, who won Low Gross Over the Field.

In the Rose Flight, the winning teams were: Low Gross, Cynthia Baldwin, Renee Miller, Kristine Sutton and Dee Walker; First Low Net, Janet Chism, Penny Frank, Jillian Lauderdale and Carol Mitchell; Second Low Net, Jennifer Colley, Ginger Holladay-Houston, Sandra Kautz and Shelly Saltz; and, Third Low Net, Sabine Bennett, Cathy Cianciolo, Karen Introcaso and Suzie Wiese.

In the Blanche Flight, the winners were: Low Gross, Terri Crosetti, Jan Enlow, Connie Raheb and Melinda Seim; First Low Net, Mikie Burdick, Darlene Gibaut, Laurie Humphries and Judy Rossi; Second Low Net, Cheryl Brennan, Alaine Flynn, Nancy Hathaway and Patty Monaghan; and, Third Low Net, Cathy Churchill, Carol Desmond, Nancy Miller and Ruth Young.

Kris Sutton won the Long Drive, with 243 yards, and Terri Crosetti took second with 221 yards. The Most Accurate Drive, to a line down the middle of the fairway, was won by Dottie Hattich (14”), and Alaine Flynn was Second (15 1/2″). The winners in the Closest to the Pin contest at Plumas Pines were: Hole #3, Renee Miller (16′ 9″), and Second Place, Priscilla Piper (21″ 1/2″), and at Hole #11, Penny Frank (4′ 11″), and Second, Karen Intracaso (7′ 1″). At Graeagle Meadows the winners were: Hole #3, Kris Sutton (2′ 2″), and Second, Jennifer Colley (3′ 7″), and on Hole #12, Kris Sutton (18′) and Second, Cheryl Rossi (28′).

Blanche Flight, Low Gross winners at Graeagle Meadows Golf Course on Sept. 2 from left, Jan Enloe, Terri Crosetti, Connie Raheb and Melinda Selm. Photo submitted
Invitational Overall Low Gross Winners are peachy from left, Priscilla Piper, Sharla Scott, Kathleen Friedman and Holly Anderson Photo submitted
Rose Flight Low Gross winners in rose-colored shades from left are, Kris Sutton, Dee Walker, Renee Miller and Cynthia Baldwin. Photo submitted
The course looks like springtime as the Rose Flight Low Net winners celebrate their victories from left, Janet Chism, Carol Mitchell, Jill Lauderdale and Penny Frank. Photo submitted

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