Golf Results for the week of 6/19/19

Plumas Pines women

Flight 1

Dottie Hattich Net 58

Jan Anderson 66


Renee’ Walker 66

Flight 2

Nancy Bartlett 70

Janet Grijalva 70

Scooter Kidwell 71

Jennifer Zumbro had the lone chip in

Graeagle men

Two-man best ball was the game for the Badditos on Friday, June 7.  Fourteen players competed with three places awarded for top scores. Taking first with a 58 was the team of Darrel Woods and Bob Davies. Following them with a close 59 was Aubrey Neish with John Scott. In third, scoring 60, was the team of George Fraser and Chuck Franck. For those who wanted to participate, skins were included. There were five skins this week, one each going to Bob McIlory, Darrel Woods, Bob Davies, Steve Harding, and Aubrey Neish.

Meanwhile, over on the Bandits side, the competition was team play with better ball counting on the front nine and both balls on the back nine. Chuck Hein and Jim Reynolds scored 108 for first place while Tom Taylor and Bryan Hansen took second with 109.


Moving ahead to Wednesday, June 12, we had 22 players competing with “in the box”. The game scored better ball on all par 4s, both balls on par 3s, and “in the box” on par 5s. Taking first place with a score of 70 was the team of Grant Mayfield and Aubrey Neish. Second place, with a score of 76, was Bob McIlroy and Andy Knudsen. Coincidentally with the number 3, there was a three-way tie for third place. How often does that happen? All three, with a score of 77, were the teams of Dan Friedman and Bob Davies, Jim Reynolds and Dan Anderson, and Jack Gilbert with Ken Hattich. Four skins were won, one each to Andy Knudsen, Jim Reynolds, Dan Friedman, and John Scott.

Back by popular demand, Wednesday was the beginning of our 13-week Closest to the Hole contest. Each Wednesday and Friday, the two closest to the hole on the third hole par 3, will be added to a list of 10 names. Each week, a player on that list will either remain unchallenged, improve upon their original distance, or be dropped off from the number 10 spot by someone who has come closer. At the end of 13 weeks, those 10 remaining on the list will have a shootout for cash prizes. “On this Wednesday, the first two names to go on the list were Leo Reihsen at 7’-3” and John Scott at 9’-0.”


“Inquiries about membership in the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association can be submitted to [email protected], or by visiting our website at,” said Chuck Franck.

Whitehawk women

They played well, we didn’t

May 29 was cloudy and very cool but dry, you can see how cold it was by how we are dressed. Six ladies ventured out with their sticks. The format was 1 net best ball on par 5’s, 2 best on par 4’s and 3 best balls on par 3’s.

One group of three played well, the other group of three didn’t play so well, in fact we were miserable.  Laurie, Chris and Marcia didn’t even want the score on display. JoAnn West, Michele Violett and Cheryl Turkstra ran away with the Tournament with Michele Violett recording 2 birdies and Cheryl Turkstra taking the chip in money.

Similar teams with the same format netted new results on June 4, when was a balmy 81 degrees and the course looked and played beautifully. The warm weather seemed to have helped Chris Hyatt, Laurie McKenzie, Marcia Zeigler and new member Dottie Hattich.


More likely it was Dottie’s great round. The format was 1 net best ball on par 5s, 2 best on par 4s and 3 best balls on par 3s. This week we tied JoAnn West, Michele Violett, Cheryl Turkstra and Karen Kibble, and actually won in a back nine card off. Marcia had 2 birdies, Laurie McKenzie and Michele Violett each had one and Michele also took home the chip in money for her great shot on Hole 6.

June 11 was HOT, well Lost Sierra Hot anyway at 89 degrees and the Ladies of Whitehawk got off to a great start. We had THREE foursomes out there fighting off pine pollen, allergies, buffalo gnats and mosquitoes. The game was, two best net balls scored Stableford style with net pars worth 2 points, net birdies worth 3 points and net eagles worth 4 points.

In this game every player was valuable to the team by scoring pars and with great play and “pops” Marcia Zeigler, Leslie Curry, Cheryl Turkstra and Denise Stein prevailed by just two points. Following closely were JoAnn West, Michele Violett, Ann Verutti and Laurie McKenzie.


The Whitehawk Ladies Invitational is Aug. 13 and the theme is Hawaiian Paniolo DAZE. Paniolo is the Hawaiian name for cowboy. We always have a need for extra players to fill in foursomes or match up with members. We have a beautiful course, excellent luncheon and wonderful tee prizes for the day. Call the Whitehawk Ranch ProShop at 836-0394 and tell them of your interest in playing in the Ladies Invitational and please leave your name and number. “We look forward to talking with you,” said Marcia Zeigler.

Bailey Creek women

What a great turnout we had Wednesday! It was so good to see all our friends and some new members.

Today we played the game “T’s and F’s, only counting holes starting with those letters and taking off half of our handicaps.

We played two flights, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Flight #1, first place went to Barbara Pescio, 2nd place to Lovey Gower and 3rd place went to Ginger Birchfield. Number 2 flight winners were: 1st place Diana Pallari, 2nd place Ceci Dale-Cesar, and 3rd place Lou Johnson.


Added to these wins were, our chip-in and Birdie winners. Birdie on hole #4, Ginger Birchfield and #7 Birdie and Chip-in Barbara Pescio and finishing out the Birdies was Kim Holliday with a Birdie on hole #9. Each of these girls will get a “Birdie” placed on our “Birdie Tree”.

Congratulations on all our winners; see you next Wednesday! “Don’t forget to register for our 2nd Annual Open Invitational “Flower Power” on June 19th!!” said Diana Pallari.

Graeagle Meadows women

On Sunday, June 9, the Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club hosted its annual couples tournament, the Mini Ha Ha, which uses a modified Scotch format. The tournament was preceded by a funky six-hole putting contest in which players were required to use unusual “putters,” such as a toilet plunger. Each team participating in the putting contest was allowed to deduct one stroke from their golf tournament score, and the putting contest winning couple was allowed to deduct two strokes. Golf tournament winners included: First Flight, 1st Place, Chris and Bob Laxague with a net score of 63. Second place was a tie between the teams of Barbara and Jeff Atkinson and Barbara and John Capdeville, both with 65. In the Second Flight, 1st Place was Cathy and David Macdonald (68) and 2nd Place was another tie, this time between the teams of Patty and Jeff Monaghan and Cathy Churchill and Aubrey Neish (69). Holly and Dan Anderson won the putting contest with a score of 12 putts. An awards dinner took place after a day on the course, at The Restaurant at Graeagle Meadows, and was reportedly enjoyed by all.


June 13 had the GMWGC members playing the final round of the three-round Captain’s Cup tournament, a netmatch play tournament in which a player receives1 point for winning a hole, 1/2 point for a tie, and 0 points for a lost hole. 

Congratulations to the 2019 Captain’s Cup winner,Giuliana Glazer, with 31 1/2 points, and runner-up Suzie Wiese with 30 points.Flight winners included:First Flight,Chris Laxague (29 points);Second Flight, Lois Childress (29 points). The following players had “chip-ins” during the tournament:Priscilla Piper (4), Cheryl Brennan (2), Chris Laxague (2), and Suzie Wiese (1).

Play was followed by an awards luncheon at The Restaurant at Graeagle Meadows. “Restaurant manager Jennifer, chef Nick and crew did their usual great job,” said Carol Miller.

6/11 Chip ins

Pricilla Piper (1)

Susan Wiese (1)

Chris Laxague (1)

6/13 Chip ins

Pricilla Piper (3)

Cheryl Brennan (2)

Chris Laxague (1)

Captain’s Cup results

1st overall

Guilana Glazer 31 1/2 points


2nd overall

Suzie Wiese 30 points

1st flight

Chris Laxague 29 points

2nd flight

Lois Childress 29 points

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