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Golf Results for the week of 9/06/17

LACC Women’s Golf

Tuesday, Aug. 22, was our end-of-season celebration, Captain and Crew. Chairperson Karen Schmidt did a fabulous job of planning the USO themed event. Unfortunately for all of us Karen was unable to attend. Being a true leader she ordered her second in command, Major Hot Lips Houlihan (a.k.a Joan Johnson), to step in and issue orders on her behalf.

Forty-three members turned out for a fun day of golf, roasting and toasting of officers, awards and a great army issue luncheon at the Rec I mess hall. The decorations included racks of military clothing, memorabilia and candy cigarettes on the table. It was fun to see the men and women volunteers in uniform. Though I don’t think anyone could have passed an official inspection the civilians in attendance didn’t know any better. A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped make our day of R & R memorable.

The format for Captain and Crew was two-person teams using only three clubs per person. The choice of clubs was up to the individual. One of my mistakes was not making my putter one of those clubs, but it did make for quite a few laughable shots.

The winners were:

Flight 1: First Place, Carol Fara and Cathy Rideout; Second Place, Mary Craig and Debbie Stebbins; Third Place, Trudy Leete and Toddy Cutler.

Flight 2: First Place, Charlene Ferguson and Linda Rawson; Second Place, Linda Yaap and Peggy Lentz; Third Place, Judie Crain and Diane Rudgers.

50/50 Winners: Pat Drake, Meg Eaton, Amanda Hosman, Linda Rawson.

Ringer Winners: Flight 1, Kathy Chuchel and Flight 2, Charlene Ferguson.

Putter of the Year: Collette Prentke.

Most Improved: Nancy Foote.

Last, but certainly not least, is the announcement of the LACC Club Champion. The Club Championship was a two-day competition and it included awarding a Low Net winner as well as a Club Champion.

Linda Yaap played consistently well during the competition and she is our new Low Net Champion. Congratulations, Linda.

The 2018 LACC Club Champion is none other than our President, Trudy Leete. Congratulations on your well played, well deserved win.

Once again, thank you Karen Schmidt, Joan Johnson and volunteers for a creative, fun-filled, memorable Captain and Crew. A special thank you goes to our outgoing President and new Club Champion, Trudy Leete. We all appreciate your fine leadership this year.

Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf

Under a blazing sun the ladies played Leap Frog. Each foursome indicated two “odd” and two “even” players. One best ball net of “odd” players was used on the odd holes and one best ball of “even” players was used on even holes. A fun game and more so for Laurie McKinzie, Lynn Smith and Cynthia Thomas who won.

Next up Ace Of Aces playoffs and our Club Championship and Captain Cup, a two-day event.

To have your golf results and club news included in this weekly section, email the information to [email protected] by Friday at noon.

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