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Graeagle golf up and running

Submitted by the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association

Although the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association has been playing unofficially for several weeks, this week we finally started having our typical Wednesday and Friday activities. Along with the weekly activities Match Play has also been progressing.

Match play started out with 16 players and those players have already completed the first round of play. The nine winners will now move on to the second round, which is set to be completed no later than July 19. Players are free to set up their own matches as long as they complete play prior to the round two deadline.

June 24 the game was a 4-man competition called 1-2-3. In this format one score is counted on the first hole, two scores on the second and three scores on the third. This pattern is then repeated starting on the 4thhole and continues until play is completed. As well as the team competition there are also skins awarded for players who win a hole outright.

For Wednesday’s competition the winning team was comprised of Norm Nichols, Bill Hopp, John Scott and Bob McIlroy having a team score of 129. In second place was the team of Mike Gibson, John Grasso, Andy Knudsen, Dave Macdonald having a team score of 130. Finally, in third place was the team of Grant Mayfield, Jim Reynolds, Jack Gilbert and Dennis Flynn who came in with a 131. The winners of the skins were Norm Nichols having a net 1 on 3, Dennis Flynn having a net3 on 7, Dan Anderson who had a net 2 on 17 and Bert Bellows who had a net3 on 18.

Inquiries about membership in the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association can be submitted to [email protected], or visit the website: gmeadowsclubs.com.

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