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Graeagle Meadows golfers enjoy the heat

Play for Wednesday, July 8, was the 1-2-3 format, which was also played a couple weeks ago. On this day the winners were the team of Walley Walker, Kurt Colley, Jack Gilbert and Ron Eaton who had a team total of 125.

Second place was taken by the team of Dennis Flynn, Robert Davies, Ken Hattich and Mike Gibson who came in with a team total of 127. Third place saw a tie between the teams of Jim Reynolds, Andy Knudsen, George Fraser and Mark Yuill; and Chuck Franck, Chuck Weidner, Norm Miller and Dan Anderson. Both teams came in with a score of 130.

There were 4 skins taken with Kurt Colley having a net 2 on hole 2, Dave Macdonald having a net 2 on 4, Ron Eaton having a net 3 on 9 and Bert Bellows having a net 3 on 18. In addition to the 4-man competition two matches were contested with Dave Macdonald besting Jim Oster 2 and 1 and Bill Hopp besting Dick Eck, also with 2 and 1. One match remains to be contested in round two and then round 3 will begin.

Inquiries about membership in the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association can be submitted to [email protected], or visit the website: gmeadowsclubs.com.

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