Greenville ball clubs finish strong

The GHS Indians wrapped up their ball seasons with style.

Baseball vs. Williams, May 6

After a double forfeit from the Tulelake Honkers on May 3, the Indians beat the Williams Yellowjackets 9-2 on the GHS diamond.

Sophomore Trevor Barr pitched the entire game and struck out eight Yellowjackets. Barr faced 24 batters in the five-inning game with 110 pitches.


GHS senior ball player Tristin Clark and Barr both scored two runs for GHS and both sluggers hit doubles during the game.

Freshman Wade Neer, sophomore Garrett Miille, senior Kolby Elzea and junior Nick Hampton all scored a run for the Indian team.

The boys were really on their base-stealing game with the Yellowjackets. Clark managed to steal three bases, junior Harlan Savala picked up two and Miille and Barr picked up a “free” base each.

Indians vs. Loyalton, May 14

The boys received a bye in round one of the Northern Section CIF Baseball Playoffs and took on the Grizzlies for round two. The game was extremely close but ended in favor of the Grizzlies.

The tight 13-11 game started off with Greenville taking the lead, 2-0, in the bottom of the first inning.

No runs were scored in the second inning.

Loyalton got on the scoreboard finally in the third inning with seven runs, but the Indians came back with five runs to tie the game up.


A stalemate held the entirety of the fourth, fifth and sixth innings until GHS broke through to break the tie with a single run in the bottom of the sixth inning. That must have been like stirring the hornet nets to those Grizzly bears who came back in the seventh inning with six runs to take the lead. The GHS Indians rallied up three runs, but for the first time in the game were unable to take the lead from Loyalton.

Tristin Clark pitched 3.2 innings. He struck out three batters of 19 faced with 71 pitches. Trevor Barr struck out two Grizzlies in 2.1 innings, facing 13 batters with 41 pitches. Garrett Miille stepped in for an inning take on seven batters with 22 pitches.

Clark, Miille and senior Colton Lawson all scored two runs for Greenville. Freshman Wade Neer, junior Harlan Savala, Barr and senior Kolby Elzea all scored a run for the Indians. Junior Isaiah Hilpert hit a triple and scored a run.


The Greenville boys had a terrific season full of plenty of winning games for the GHS Indian fans who are so dedicated to their team.

Loyalton went on to the final round May 18 to take second place behind Anderson’s Am. Christian Academy team, 4-3.

Softball vs. Williams

The Greenville girls ended their dynamic season on a 16-game winning streak, breaking it only in the final championships.

After a doubleheader forfeit with Happy Camp on May 2, the Greenville girls did a number on the Williams Yellowjackets, winning 21-3 and 7-1 on May 6.

The high-scoring first game was led with three runs each from seniors Emma Sordi and McKenzie Brown and sophomore Alexis Goodson. Senior Rylie Botts, and juniors Ashlyn Bustamante and Brooke Mullen all scored a pair of runs each. Single GHS runs came from freshman Ashlyn Heard and sophomore Julieanna Fieldson.

Mullen hit a total of five RBIs, two each came from Botts, Brown, senior Mia Harris and Bustamante. Single RBIs came from Sordi and Fieldson.


This was a number one exciting game for the Indians as a total of 25 bases were stolen by GHS in this one single game!

“We love free bases!” Leading the pack was Goodson with a total of five bases. Bustamante picked up four and freshman Ashlyn Heard stole three bases. Brown and Mullen stole two bases each, while Sordi and Fieldson both stole a base, too.

Heard and Mullen took on the pitching. In four innings, Heard struck out three batters of 17 faced with 48 pitches. Mullen contributed 17 pitches for GHS.

In game two of the doubleheader, Williams scored a run in the first inning and GHS added two. No other runs hit the scoreboard until the bottom of the fourth inning when the Indians added five runs to increase their lead and end the game.

Brown scored two runs for Greenville. Sordi, Heard, Fieldson, freshman Chloe Copeland and Mia Harris all added a run to the GHS score.


Heard and Copeland both hit triples. Bustamante and Mullen landed doubles.

Mullen pitched the majority of the game, striking out three batters, with relief provided from Bustamante.

Greenville 11, Tulelake 0

After a doubleheader forfeit from Herlong, the girls played their first round in the NSCIF softball playoffs with the Tulelake Honkers on May 14.

Greenville runs were scored by Fieldson (2), Goodson (2), Botts, Sordi, Copeland, Brown, Harris and Bustamante. Botts hit three RBIs. Fieldson, Brown and Goodson all hit two RBIs. Single RBIs came from Copeland, Bustamante and Mullen.

Fieldson did it again, she hit another homerun for the Indians! Mullen hit a triple, Botts hit two doubles and Goodson also hit a double.

Brown stole three bases. Fieldson, Copeland and Harris also picked up a “free” base.

Brooke Mullen pitched the whole game striking out eight batters of 19 faced with 61 pitches.

The final game

Moving on to the semi-final round, the Indians came up against the Fall River Bulldogs to lose 11-0 on May 16. The girls fought a tough battle and held the Bulldogs to zero the first inning and only allowed a single run in the second inning.


Defense was at a premium and neither team scored in the third. But then … in the bottom of the fourth inning, the Bulldogs scored 10 runs and held the Indians motionless in the top of the fifth to end the championship game.

What an awesome season the Greenville softball team has had. Head softball coach Bob Heard has done a terrific job developing this team over the years he has been coaching them. With just two seniors, MacKenzie Brown and Rylie Botts, on the team it is easy to imagine more great seasons of softball are in GHS’ future.