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William McIntosh has the ball and runs around Indians keeping Grizzlies out of his way. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Greenville, Chester and Quincy football win against Grizzlies, Raiders and the Wolverines

Greenville football entertained the fans in the stands as they played their last game of the season against Loyalton, beating the Grizzlies by a score of 66-44.

Sophomore Isaiah Hilpert had the game of a lifetime Oct. 27. Hilpert carried the ball 16 times for a total of a whopping 364 yards. With an additional 62 yards receiving and 186 yards in kick returns, Hilperts’ total for the night was, that’s right, 612 yards. He scored seven Indian TDs.

Other Indians also did a great job for Greenville making the win against the Loyalton Grizzlies possible. Quarterback Tristan Clark, Colton Lawson, William McIntosh and Hilpert scored all of the Greenville touchdowns. Lawson completed a 3-point conversion. Clark completed five passes for a total of 141 yards. Alex Tassone had eight carries for 103 yards. Hilpert was heavy on the defense too, leading the Indians with six total solo tackles and 11 assists. Tassone was a force to be reckoned with nailing Grizzlies with six tackles and nine assists. Senior Aaron Mecum had a total of 13 tackles and McIntosh had 12.

Loyalton fumbles really kept the fans on their feet. Freshman Kyle Hitson, Mecum and Hilpert each picked up a Grizzly fumble.

The Indians finished the league in a three-way tie with Princeton and Los Molinos as all three teams have 5-1 league records. The Division 5 Greenville team moves on for an away playoff game this Friday, Nov. 3, against the Division 6 Redding Lions. The Lions record in their league is 6-1. They finished the season in second place behind Big Valley at 7-0.

CHS vs. Maxwell

The Chester Volcanoes beat the Panthers by a score of 42-8. Chester is in the number one spot with an undefeated 4-0 league record. The Vols have one last conference game this week in the Mountain Valley League. That final league game is Friday, Nov. 3, at 7:30 p.m. in Chester. Quincy is right behind the Volcanoes in second place with a 3-1 league record. Biggs is in third place after losing to QHS on Oct. 27.

QHS vs. Biggs

The Trojans beat the Wolverines by a score of 35-12 Friday night in front of a big crowd from both schools. Biggs brought a huge crew of cheerleaders that helped to keep Biggs fans excited through the game.

The first half of the game, the Trojans held the Wolverines to zero and the half ended with QHS leading 17-0.

The Wolverines made a turn around in the second half as they scored two TDs in the third quarter. The Trojans were up to the task scoring two TDs of their own.

Running fiercely, the Trojans scored another touchdown in the fourth quarter and the Quincy defense kept the Wolverines scoreless.

PHS vs. Burney

The Portola Tigers lost Oct. 27 in Burney against the Burney Raiders 25-17. Tiger touchdowns were scored by sophomore Mario Ruiz and junior Jaylin Babers. With 19 carries, Babers had a total of 181 yards rushing plus 23 receiving.

The Portola football team is finished for the season, but head football coach Joe Sanchez expressed gratitude and appreciation for the effort the boys put out this year. “Our players never quit,” said Sanchez.

Coach articulated high hopes for the future of the team. Those that played this year gained “invaluable life experiences,” said Sanchez last week. The 2017 varsity football team consisted mostly of sophomores. Portola can look forward to a seasoned team of veterans to start next year.

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  • Portola sucks!!!! I’m glad they lost so many games! Both coach and players have no morals and this W-L record is what they deserve.

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