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Grinduro event highlights the best of Plumas

Fall leaves begin changing just in time for Grinduro riders to enjoy on Mt. Hough the weekend of Oct. 6-8. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

One thousand riders signed up to ride in the Gravel Grinder race Oct. 7 that took place for the third year in a row on the trails of Mt. Hough.

Extreme athletes of all ages rode all over trails traversing local Plumas scenic backwoods.

The event featured trails that are maintained by Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship and any funds raised during the race go to further the organization’s cause.

The Grinduro is the third jewel in the “Triple Crown,” which includes two other races hosted by the SBTS group. The first in the series is the Lost and Found, which centers on Lake Davis. The second is the Downieville Classic in Sierra County, which is the oldest race in the series.

This year a warm-up event, the Bear Growl, was initiated in Indian Valley and took place a month before the Grinduro.

The headquarters of the Mt. Hough race was housed at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds. The celebration lasted through the weekend beginning Oct. 6 and ending Oct. 8. Saturday featured a lineup of live entertainment and a wide variety of food and beverages to enjoy after the race and into the night.

Grinduro Triple Crown racer Matt Young of Marin said, “this is the best event of them all.”

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