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High school baseball season begins

Not all baseball seasons are alike. Plumas High School teams often seem to pick up at various times, generally because of weather, such as snow on the field or rain. This year spring is friendly, but teams are still getting into the swing at varying times.

Greenville boys

The first trip onto the field for the Indians happened in Los Molinos during their March 11 Glenn Cox Tournament. The boys took on the hosting Los Molinos Bulldogs. The Bulldogs won by a score of 15-0.

Los Molinos fired out of the gate with nine runs in the bottom of the first inning and followed up with six in the bottom of the second inning. Greenville batters did their best against the trio of Los Molinos pitchers. Senior Harlan Savala got on base five times, Trevor Barr got on four times. Freshman Conner Barr landed on base three times. Andrew Putnam and Wade Neer both got on base once.

Greenville Indian pitcher Garrett Miille took on the Bulldogs for three innings and struck out two Los Molinos batters of the 26 he faced. Miille fired 70 pitches in the game. The Bulldogs stole three bases and the Indians stole two.

The next games for the Greenville Indian baseball team are this Thursday, March 19, for a doubleheader. The GHS team will host the Loyalton Grizzlies for a 2 p.m. game followed by a second game around 4 p.m.

The Grizzlies have spent considerable time on the field already this season and the Sierra County players are proving to be tough competition for whomever they face in Plumas County.

A series of away games follow for the Indians, including a trip to the Portola Tiger diamond March 26, at 4 p.m., before the GHS boys return for their second home game Thursday, April 23. Greenville will host the Quincy Trojans with the game starting at 4 p.m.

The only other home game currently on the GHS schedule is Tuesday, April 28, when the boys host the McCloud Loggers in a doubleheader. Game one starts at 2 p.m.; game two around 4 p.m.

Quincy boys

The Trojans traveled to Las Plumas High School in Oroville March 5 to play the Thunderbirds. The Trojans lost 13-0.

Sophomore Canaan Newman managed to steal two bases. Junior Russell Nickerson managed to get on base five times. Junior Devin Vert got on base three times.

Both boys just finished their wrestling seasons.

Brady Peay and Jacob McAllister got on base twice. Newman, Cameron Schmidt, Justin Garner, Johnny Pini and Aiden Powers all managed to get on base, but no Trojans made the round trip back across home plate.

Quincy pitchers Caden Hendrickson and Justin Garner took the mound. Garner struck out two batters of 20 Thunderbirds faced in three innings for a total of 59 pitches.

Las Plumas batters managed to steal seven bases from Garner. Hendrickson struck out one of 11 batters faced in one inning with a total of 47 pitches.

Trojans vs. Volcanoes

Quincy moved on to play the Chester Volcanoes in Los Molinos during the Glenn Cox Tournament on March 10 and shared the lesson they learned from the Thunderbirds, beating the Vols 10-0.

The Trojans scored three runs in the first inning, four in the third inning and three runs in the fourth and final inning.

Scoring came from Hendrickson (3), Peay (3) Powers (2), Vert (1) and Pini (1). Schmidt and Pini knocked in three RBIs each. Powers and Peay both had single RBIs. Peay hit a double.

The Trojans stole a total of nine bases. Newman, Hendrickson, Pini and Powers all stole two bases each and Peay stole one.

Justin Garner pitched all four innings striking out two batters of the 15 Volcanoes he faced throwing 46 pitches. Garner lost just one base to a stealth Vol.

Trojans vs. Eagles

Quincy played the American Christian Academy team later in the day at the Los Molinos Tournament on March 10 and won again, 13-5.

Quincy scored two runs in the first inning. ACA scored a run in the second inning and another in the third inning. The Trojans struck gold scoring eight runs in the fourth inning. For the first time in the game, in the fifth and final inning, the Eagles and Trojans matched each other on the scoreboard with both teams adding three runs to their scores.

Hendrickson led the Trojans with three runs. Schmidt and Powers scored twice each. Peay, Newman, Vert, Pini, Garner and Nickerson crossed home plate once each. Hendrickson, Nickerson, Garner and Pini hit a pair of RBIs each. Newman and Powers both hit one.

Hendrickson hit two doubles and Garner hit a double, also. Nickerson stole the only base.

Hendrickson pitched relief for Brady Peay who threw for 4.1 innings striking out six batters of 23 faced with 75 pitches. Hendrickson threw 10 pitches and struck out both batters he faced. Two bases were stolen from Peay.

The Trojans slipped in a home game at Feather River College yesterday with the Truckee Wolverines, but take off this Friday, March 20, to Corning to face the Cardinals and then on to Hamilton for the Axe Tournament.

Many away games lay ahead for the Trojans, including Portola on Tuesday March 31, before they host again. Coincidently, it will be the Portola Tigers on April 17 that will challenge the Trojans on the FRC diamond.

Chester boys

The Volcano team stepped on to the field more than a month earlier than they were able to last year. They traveled to Loyalton for a lesson similar to the one the Trojans received.

The Grizzlies won the first battle 13-0. Hunter Snyder and Caleb Clark managed to get on base two times each. Michael Bereznak, Kameron Stelzriede, Joey Tantardino and David Marzquez got on base once, none to travel past home plate. Bereznak and Snyder stole bases; Snyder got two, Bereznak one.

Junior Stelzriede returned as catcher this season and senior Bereznak to the pitchers mound joined by sophomore pitcher Juan Flores and freshman Logan Oswald.

Bereznak struck out three batters of 18 faced in two innings and 68 pitches. Oswald faced 12 batters in 1.2 innings with 36 pitches. Flores pitched relief with 19 pitches to four batters.

Five bases were stolen from Bereznak and one from Oswald.

Game 2 with Loyalton

In the second game of the March 2 doubleheader, the Vols came tougher, but lost again this time, only 10-5.

Loyalton scored two runs in the first inning, one in the second. Chester landed two in the third inning, none for the Grizzlies, but the bears returned with four runs in the fourth inning and none for the Vols. Chester scored in the fifth inning; two runs and Loyalton scored three runs in the sixth inning. Chester wrapped it up with a run in the top of the seventh inning for the final score.

Joey Tantardino scored three of the Chester runs. Bereznak and Nick Brent scored the other two. Juan Flores hit two RBIs, Bereznak, Snyder and Tantardino hit one RBI each.

The Volcanoes had their invisible cloaks on as they were slick on the bases. Bereznak, Snyder and Tantardino all stole two bases each. Stelzriede, Flores and Brent all successfully stole a base.

Logan Oswald served as Volcano catcher for pitchers Nick Brent, Hunter Snyder and Juan Flores. Brent pitched three innings with 49 pitches to 14 batters striking out one. A single base was stolen while Brent was on the mound.

Snyder pitched 43 throws to 13 batters and struck out two. Six bases were stolen while Snyder guarded the field.

Flores threw 21 pitches to six batters and struck out one.

Chester vs. Maxwell

The Panthers hosted the Vols on March 6 to win 4-1. Stelzriede scored the Chester run and Caleb Clark hit the RBI with a sacrifice fly. Stelzriede hit a double in the game and also managed to steal three bases. Bereznak stole two and Flores and Tantardino stole one each.

Stelzriede was back catching for Nick Brent on the pitchers mound for the duration of the game. Brent struck out five Panthers of 27 faced with 78 pitches. Only one base was stolen with Brent at the mound.

Chester beat Eagles

The Volcanoes won 14-2 in their first game at the Glenn Cox Tournament in Los Molinos on March 10.

Chester scored three runs and the Eagles scored two in the first inning. Chester scored another run in the second inning. No one scored in the third inning. Then … the Volcanoes boiled over with 10 runs in the fourth inning and that, as they say, was that.

Bereznak and Tantardino both scored for Chester three times. Snyder crossed the plate twice. Stelzriede, Juan Flores, Brent, Oswald, Callum Kremer and Leo Flores scored single runs. Bereznak, Stelzriede, Snyder, Brent and Kramer hit two RBIs each. Single RBI sluggers were Juan Flores, Oswald and Tantardino.

Stealth Volcanoes stealing bases were Bereznak (3), Tantardino (3), Snyder, Kramer and Flores all with one each.

Stelzriede served as catcher and shared the credit with pitcher Nick Brent for three stolen bases. Brent was on the mound striking out five batters in four innings facing 18 with 69 pitches.

Chester loses to Quincy

As mentioned in the QHS review, the Trojans won 10-0 March 10. Freshman Volcano Logan Oswald served as catcher for Chester pitchers Kameron Stelzriede and Hunter Snyder. Stelzriede struck out three Trojan of 26 batters with 93 pitches in 3.1 innings. Snyder pitched relief facing four batters with eight pitches.

The Volcanoes traveled to Portola on March 16 and will do so again Friday, March 27, to compete in the Tiger Baseball Tournament. The game is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

Then a trio of home games will treat Volcano fans in Chester. The first is Tuesday March 31, and is the first league game of the season for the Volcanoes. It will be followed Thursday April 2, with a league game facing Los Molinos and lastly, Tuesday, April 14, the Vols host the Redding Lions. All remaining CHS games start at 4 p.m.

Greenville home games

3/19 Loyalton 2 & 4 p.m.

4/23 Quincy 4 p.m.

4/28 McCloud 2 & 4 p.m.

Quincy home games

3/17 Truckee 4 p.m.

4/17 Portola 4 p.m.

4/21 Dayton 4 p.m.

5/7 Loyalton 4 p.m.

Chester home games

3/31 Mercy 4 p.m.

4/2 Los Molinos 4 p.m.

4/14 Redding 4 p.m.

4/21 Portola 4 p.m.

5/5 Burney 4 p.m.

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