High school basketball players hit the courts

By Mari Erin Roth

Quincy and Portola high schools put on an incredible show on the court for one of the first games of the quickly assembled 2021 season.

Portola High’s no. 14, Lelani Quiring, heads down the court into Tiger territory with teammate Mary Sheridan trailing, May 17 in Quincy. Freshman Trojan no. 21, Tess Hydrick, is making her move as junior Emmary Wingfield keeps her eye on the ball should the move work. Official Valerie Grammer watches all the action as she follows the players down the court. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Girl’s basketball

The lady athletes played first on the QHS court in front of a handful of family spectators. It was amazing to see the skill and prowess on the court. Some of the Monday basketball players were on the softball field competing Friday! Portola girls finished their season May 14. The Quincy girls have softball games scheduled through to May 25! However, overlapping sports schedules or not, three-point shots were going in, dribble skills seemed second-nature, and the teams played like they had been at it all season not just a few days.

The Quincy Trojan girls showed court-domination in the first quarter leading 11-6. Portola continued to trail in the second quarter 18-11. After the half, the Tigers outscored the Trojans but still trailed 23-19. The Portola ladies really, really turned on the heat and brought down the rivalry hammer in the fourth quarter to score 14 points while holding the hosting Trojans to just 4 to win the first contest with Quincy 33-27.

Quincy junior Lexi Baumgartner landed 16 points for the Trojans, one a 3-pointer and 3 points from the free throw line. Freshman Tess Hydrick hit a pair of shots for 4 points. Freshman Macy Peay and senior CoraGrace Hardee sunk one for two QHS points and freshman Tatum Hughes scored three points from the free throw line.

On the Quincy game, “I thought it was a dogfight!” said Portola returning head girls basketball coach Chip Wilson. “Quincy has really improved from last year. The Quincy coaching staff has the girls playing some good basketball. We struggled to share the ball, played too much one on one and as a result couldn’t ever get in a good offensive rhythm. Our defense really stepped up down the stretch and that’s how we were able to pull the game out at the end.”

The Quincy Trojans host the Loyalton Grizzlies Thursday, May 20, starting at 5:30 p.m. then travel to Loyalton the next day for a rematch. The QHS girls will then head down the hill to play in Paradise Monday, May 24, and host Loyalton in Quincy Wednesday, May 26 at 5:30 p.m.

The Portola Tigers went on to beat the Loyalton Grizzlies May 19 by a score of 52-39. “We played Loyalton tonight, got into more of an offensive rhythm, shared the ball, and as a result played much better than our last outing against Quincy,” said coach Wilson. “Micaela Coronado played an amazing offensive game scoring 15 points, Mya Wilson added 7, and Annie Folchi and Lelani Quiring both chipped in 6. Abby Klemesrud played a great high post tonight with a number of passes getting girls in position to score.”

The Grizzlies have the opportunity for a rematch when they come to Portola High Monday, May 24, to play at 5:30 p.m. The Tiger girls will then play in Truckee, Wednesday, May 26.

Boy’s basketball

The Tiger boys did as well as the lady Tigers as they beat the Trojans 65-60 in another tight rivalry game. And like their counterparts, the Tigers just ended their baseball season May 14, whereas the QHS boys will be playing both sports until their final game May 25.

During the first basketball game for hosting Quincy, the Trojans took the lead in the first quarter with a close 16-13. The Tigers lit up in the second quarter scoring 18 points to the QHS 7 and took the lead, 31-23, ouch! The Trojans didn’t sit down for the beating though, they outscored the Tigers in the third and fourth quarters, 20-19 and 17-15, but it wasn’t enough to catch the Tiger rampage in the second period.

PHS junior Sean Sheridan was the top PHS scorer with 15 points. Senior James Sampson (sound familiar? Football, baseball, basketball?) sank 14 Tiger points. Senior Dylan Gonsalves (Tiger star quarterback) and junior Michael Stewart (another 3-sport athlete) both scored 12 for PHS. Senior Owen Bowling (Football, baseball, golf, basketball) scored six points. Juniors Ignacio Vargas and Enrique Flores both scored on long shot 3-pointers. Sheridan’s total includes a trio of 3-pointers. Gonsalves landed two long shots.

Stewart picked up 14 rebounds, six offensive and eight defensive. Sheridan grabbed a total of 8 rebounds, Bowling snagged six, Sampson claimed four, and Vargas laid stake to three.

The Portola boys are coached by returning head basketball (and baseball) coach Tim Brubaker. The team travels to play in Downieville against the Warriors Friday, May 21, and then hosts the Loyalton Grizzlies at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 24. They host the Truckee Wolverines Wednesday, May 26, starting at 6 p.m. Call ahead if you plan to attend a game on the Portola campus: 832-4284, to find out what safety measures are in place to attend.

The game with their rival Tigers was the first game for the Trojans. They will play Paradise Monday, May 24, and then have a rematch with the Tigers Friday, May 28 in Portola starting at 7 p.m. Las Plumas travels to Quincy Saturday, May 29, for a game starting at 3 p.m. To check if attendance is permitted for the public, check with QHS office at 283-6510.