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Ice fishing is hot!

Frenchman Lake is frozen over and ice fishing is in full effect. There is about 4 feet of snow at the dam and Frenchman Lake is accessible.

Fishermen are advised to be cautious as the road narrows at some points into a single lane. The lake is about half full at this time.

“Folks were doing really well as the fish were swimming in schools,” said Capt. Pat Patterson, who often works as a guide for local fishing. “One person would get a bite and the shout would go on down the line … they’re comin’, they’re comin’,” said Patterson.

If the fish take a break from biting, the area is currently offering spectacular views for the outdoorsman.

“Massive icicles decorate the canyon around the dam for spectacular views and breathtaking beauty,” said Patterson.

The area is also primed for snowshoe excursions with deep snow in all directions.

“The ice fishing season is extremely important to us,” said Wiggins Trading Post owner Shirley Wiggins who commented business has been slow, which sounds like more rainbows for those who adventure out. “And we have nice warming drinks and freshly made sandwiches,” added Wiggins invitingly.

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