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Ideal weather presents stellar golf days in Graeagle



Graeagle Women’s Golf Club

Graeagle Women’s Golf Club member for 31 years, Priscilla Piper, poses with Chief Graeagle on last time as a goodbye picture for her golf pals who refer to her as the “forever Club Champion” as a result of 22 championship titles won. Piper is moving to the Bay Area. Photo submitted

The annual Women’s Golf Club Doe Dinner was held on Sept. 21 at the home of Mikie Burdick, with a deck overlooking the Feather River. The potluck dinner party was a conversation fest. After a week of rain, Mother Nature smiled on the women giving them a lovely evening.

The next day, Sept. 22, with even better weather, GMWGC members teed it up for a game of Stableford Points.  In this game, a “bogie” (one over par) is worth one point, a “par” is worth two, a “birdie” worth three, an “eagle” worth four points, and a “double eagle” is worth five points.  Flight A winners included:  First Place, a tie between Ginger Holladay-Houston and Sharon Russell, both with 33 points; and, Third Place, Michelle Violett (29 points).  The winners in Flight B were:  First Place, Darlene Gibaut (37 points); Second Place, Cathy Churchill (35 points); and, Third Place, Alaine Flynn (33 points).  Alaine Flynn made the only “chip-in” of the day.

After golf, at the Restaurant at Graeagle Meadows, GMWGC members held a going away party for our 31-year member, Priscilla Piper, who is moving to the San Jose area to be close to her family.  Priscilla, who has been a highly valued member of our Club, has served as GMWGC Captain (President), Vice-Captain, Invitational Chair and in many other capacities, and has won the Club Championship an amazing 22 times.  We will miss Priscilla very much and wish her “fairways and greens” in golf and in her new life.

The women opted to not play golf Sept. 15 due to unhealthy air quality from smoke. Wind direction was predicted to remain the same but rain in the forecast eventually cleared the air.

Graeagle Men’s Golf Association

Nine GMGA players competed in drizzly, cool weather on Sept. 21.  The format was low net plus “skins”.  First Place went to Dan Friedman with a net score of 59.  Second Place was a tie among Dan Anderson, Steve Peterson, and Mark Yuill, each with a score of 72.  There were seven “skins” awarded:  Two to Grant Mayfield, and one each to Tom Fregulia, Dan Friedman, Bob McIlroy, Mark Yuill and Steve Peterson.

Nineteen players competed Sept. 23 in Ideal conditions, with the temperature in the mid-70s, and almost no wind.  The format was two-man better ball plus “skins”.  First Place was won by the team of Bryan Hansen and Andy Knudson with a net score of 58.  Second Place went to George Fraser and David Macdonald with a net score of 61.  Third Place was a tie between the teams of Dan Anderson/Ron Eaton and Mark Yuill/Corey Fanti, both teams had net scores of 62.  There were four “skins” won:   One by Bob Davies, who had a hole in one of the 12th hole for a net zero, and Steve Harding, Corey Fanti and Bryan Hansen also won one skin each, in a somewhat less spectacular fashion.





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