In Response to “Poll Results”

In response to Mr. Mihevc’s letter regarding crime rates in Democrat-run cities, he stated that “Democratic led states, counties, and cities have less murders and crime rates than Republican controlled states, counties, and cities.” This simply is not true. According to ( a non-partisan website) 18 out of the top 20 cities with the highest murder rates have Democrat mayors. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman identifies as an Independent and Tulsa, OK Mayor G.T. Bynum is the only Republican Mayor on the list.

While I vehemently disagree with Mr. Mihevc’s statement that “Democrats just want to make all Americans’ lives better”, at least we can agree that “the truth will set you free.”

The twenty cities in the United States with the highest murder rates (murders per 100,000 people) are:

St. Louis, MO (69.4) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Baltimore, MD (51.1) DEMOCRAT Mayor
New Orleans, LA (40.6) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Detroit, MI (39.7) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Cleveland, OH (33.7) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Las Vegas, NV (31.4) INDEPENDENT Mayor
Kansas City, MO (31.2) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Memphis, TN (27.1) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Newark, NJ (25.6) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Chicago, IL (24) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Cincinnati, OH (23.8) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Philadelphia, PA (20.2) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Milwaukee, WI (20.0) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Tulsa, OK (18.6) REPUBLICAN Mayor
Pittsburgh, PA (18.4) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Indianapolis, IN (17.7) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Louisville, KY (17.5) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Oakland, CA (17.1) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Washington D.C. (17.0) DEMOCRAT Mayor
Atlanta, GA (16.7) DEMOCRAT Mayor


Rich Green
, Graeagle