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Indians charge to the finish

Wade Neer aims mid-stride to score for Greenville. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

High school basketball teams are nearing the end of their season with just a few games remaining before playoffs.

Greenville Indians

Head coach Ryan Neer has been encouraging the boys as they achieve a 5-1 league record in the coach’s first season as head coach.

Win times two

The team had a pair of league victories over the Downieville Warriors on Jan. 30 and 31.

Senior Harlan Savala and sophomore Wade Neer both scored 14 points for the Indians on Jan. 31 in Greenville against the Warriors.

Senior Andrew Putnam scored 13 points, junior Garrett Miille scored 10, Trevor Barr scored 9 points and senior Nick Hampton added 8. It was a good game for the whole GHS Indian team as they won 67-41.

The Indians won 53-34 on Jan. 30 in Downieville again playing the Warriors.

Putnam hit a dynamic stride scoring 16 points, Miille landed 11, Savala 10 points and Neer added 8. Senior Rodney Meyer got on the scoreboard with 7 points and junior Nick Lal added a free throw point.

The boys fired up in a non-league contest against the tough Portola Tigers on Feb. 3 before making a run through their final three games.

Tigers 74, Indians 44

Portola gave Greenville plenty to do in Portola as they challenged the Tigers.

The Indians were pretty consistent scoring 11 points in the first quarter, 11 in the second, 14 in the third quarter and 8 points in the fourth.

Unfortunately the Tigers were consistent, too. They scored 22 points in the first, third and fourth quarters! Portola was held to just 8 points in the second quarter, outscored by the Greenville Indians.

The score at the half was 30-22 for Portola. The big shooter against the Tigers for GHS was senior Andrew Putnam landing 16 points. Nick Hampton, Wade Neer and Rodney Meyer all scored 6 points for Greenville. Trevor Barr and Harlan Savala added 4 points each. Garrett Miille scored 2.

Indians 63, Westwood 46

Rodney Meyer was voted Player of the Game on MaxPreps as Greenville beat the Westwood Lumberjacks for the fourth time this season Feb. 4 on the Greenville court.

The first win, Dec. 5, was 77-47. The Lumberjacks were tougher the second time the teams met in Westwood, but lost again Dec. 21 by a score of 46-38.

The third meet-up was Jan. 14 when the Lumberjacks continued to improve, but lost, 61-58.

The Herlong Vikings lost Jan. 17 to the Indians by a score of 78-47. The rematch in Herlong took place Feb. 11. Tune in next week for the details.

The final game in league play for the Greenville boys will take place at Princeton this Friday, Feb. 14, as the boys take on the Eagles. After that, it’s straight to the playoffs for Greenville.

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