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GHS’ Harlan Savala maps a cool path through the burning Volcanoes on Dec. 1 in the first game of the 2018 season between the rivals. They face off again today, Jan. 23, in Chester. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Indians launch winning basketball season

The boys’ basketball team plays the same opponents and dates as the girls. Start times for the boys’ home games are 7 p.m. for Loyalton and Downieville, and 5:30 p.m. for the Herlong and Princeton games. Non-league rivalry games will take place away starting today, Jan. 23, in Chester facing the Volcanoes, and then Monday, Feb. 4, as they travel to Portola to take on the Tigers. Both rivalry games begin at 5:30 p.m. for the girls, and 7 p.m. for the boys.

Greenville girls, 2-1 league

The Greenville girls’ basketball team means business this season as they prepare to meet the Volcanoes today, Jan. 23. From top left, Stella Balbiani, no. 23 Lacie Banchio, Alexis Goodson, Nevaeh Lee and Solai Pomtong. Sitting from left no. 2 Ashlyn Heard, Julieanna Fieldson, Fawn Joseph, Ashlyn Bustamante and Rosemary Balbiani. In front on left Rylie Botts and Mackenzie Brown. Photo Lisa Balbiani

The Greenville Indian girls are taking a running start at the 2019 basketball season. Their preseason record is already an impressive 12-4.

The league began for the Indians with a game against the Westwood Lumberjacks on Jan. 8. The lady Indians were victorious in a landslide win, 47-13. The girls started off running to a 16-point lead in the first quarter and just never stopped.

On Jan. 10, Greenville stayed warmed up with a non-league match in Chico. They played the Paradise Cougars on their warm lowland courts and won a very close game of 39-34.

League play for the Indians continued Jan. 15 as the team traveled to Herlong to face off with the Vikings. The GHS girls walked away with their second league win, going 2-0.

The Loyalton Grizzlies made the trek from the valley to meet the Indians for another league game Jan. 18 and to go home with the prize. The big bears beat the Indians, 67-40.

Downieville received the Indians to host another league match Jan. 22. The outcome with the Warriors will have to wait for next week.

It will all culminate today, Jan. 23, as the Indians travel to Chester to meet their rival Volcanoes for a rematch. The two teams have each departed as victor from previous clashes this season and this third game will be the big tiebreaker until playoffs. The action starts at 5:30 p.m. on the CHS basketball court.

Greenville boys, 2-1 league

The Indians beat the Paradise Adventist Academy Cougars 52-48 in the league Jan. 10 in Chico.

The boys head out to face some of the teams that provided a challenge during preseason matches to change the outcome.

The boys were successful in the season opener as they beat the Westwood Lumberjacks on Jan. 8, 62-35. The first quarter was close, with the Lumberjacks trailing by a mere 2 points as the buzzer sounded but the Indians must have heard that because they sure took off leaving Westwood in the dust.

By halftime the boys earned a healthy lead, 34-22. In the third quarter it was widened to 46-28, and with an additional 16 points from Greenville, the door slammed shut on Westwood.

The Indians went to  Herlong to meet the Vikings and came home with another close, but solid, victory, 60-58.

The Indians traveled to Loyalton Jan. 18 where the Grizzlies left their claw marks in Greenville and won 68-49.

The big rivalry game is today, Jan. 23, in Chester at 7 p.m., as the Indians take on the CHS Volcanoes!

Indian basketball schedule

1/23 at Chester

1/28 at Westwood

1/29 Herlong

1/31 at Loyalton

2/4 at Portola

2/5 Downieville


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